1. zbox

    Asset - Extension DataStructure Scripts

    Price: Free Category: Scripts Modules: All This is a collection of small but useful scripts orientated toward more experienced GM users. Data structures are an extremely useful and powerful tool in Gamemaker. This is a collection of scripts to make life with them a little easier. Accessor...
  2. Pyxus

    Legacy GM Need Help Storing Players Into List

    In all honestly, I'm beginning to feel like I should perhaps drop this "project" until i'm more proficient at the game maker language. Also, I apologize if the title is misleading cause i'm not exactly sure how to explain my problem but i'll try since I feel as if i'm missing something...
  3. Joe Ellis

    Legacy GM Are buffers faster than arrays?

    Hi all, I know that arrays are a bit faster than ds_lists, but are buffers faster than arrays? I know how to use buffers, I'm just wondering if its worth converting all my array stuff to buffers at the end of my development to get optimal performance.
  4. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q: Error message

    so i recive this error when i load a script that generates a world throu ds_lists, i checked it with show_message but it simply shows the number of the object and i cant figure out whats the issue
  5. BMatjasic

    Windows [UNSLOVED]ds_list returned as null, but actually exists? PLEASE HELP ME

    Hello people, I have a really strange problem here... I create a ds_lists with in which I store data about session (I create a map and add details) and in this map I create a section named "playerList" in which I call var List = ds_list_create(), so the pointer to that section should be a...
  6. BMatjasic

    Windows Problems with nested ds_ structures

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a networking engine, which I've been pretty successful, until the recent update I've made. I am trying to store a map inside global.sessionList, which is stored and later found by any of the search scripts I've made. But when I've created another list...
  7. O

    Legacy GM What makes ds_lists, ds_maps, and ds_grids different from an array?

    Hello, For someone who has adhd, and can't read long texts (like the manual), what's the difference in perks between ds_lists, ds_maps, ds_grids, and arrays? When would you use one over the other? Thanks in advance <3
  8. F

    Legacy GM How to add to ds_list instance variable if variable exists?

    Hello I'm trying to save instance information to ds_list, and everything works well, but some problems with variables. I want to add variable only if exists and trying something like this: if !is_undefined(inst.hp) ds_list_add(list, inst.hp); I'm sure I'm wrong, but how to...
  9. C

    RPG Inventory System: ds_list versus 2D array

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently in the midst of constructing an algorithm on how to go about creating an inventory system for my RPG. In my game, each character in the party (total 7) has their own inventory in which they can hold a total of fifteen items. So for example, if you want to use a...
  10. B

    Legacy GM Detect if ds_map value is a ds_map

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make a way to detect if a ds_map's value is actually a ds_list or ds_map as I use JSON a lot im just trying to work out a way to simply detect it. I thought ds_exists would work but it returned true if the value was a map or not :/ Hopefully this was able to describe...
  11. T

    Memory leak (ds_grid, ds_list)

    // Create chunk grid global.chunk_grid = ds_grid_create(global.grid_width, global.grid_height); ds_grid_clear(global.chunk_grid, noone); // Create loader grid global.loader_list = ds_list_create(); ds_list_clear(global.loader_list); // Destroy ds_grid and ds_list...
  12. Roa

    DS_list over network

    I have ran into a problem and I can't seem to figure out why nothing displays right. I have two objects, a client and a server and both transfer to a room as a waiting lobby. Upon connection I immediately send the players name to the server, the server stores that in a ds_list, then the server...
  13. ph101

    2 Scripts to save/load 1D array as ds_list string. But why does load script fail?

    Hi guys Please can a more experienced GMLer roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with my 2 scripts for saving and loading a 1D array into an already open ini? They are very simple - Save loops through a 1D array and populates a temp ds_list before writing as a string with...
  14. Zefyrinus

    A problem with ds_list_find_index

    Hi! I'm having a lot of problems with ds_lists. Explaining my project and stuff would take ages, so I'm cutting right to the problem. In a for-loop I'm searching for given values in a ds_list (the first line in this code). The next two show_message lines tell me that in position 0 in this...
  15. L

    Legacy GM Adding all objects (not instances) to a ds_list on room start

    Hi there! I was wondering if it is possible to make a ds_list and populate it on room start with indexes of different objects (from that room). For instance, in a room are multiple instances of three objects (obj_one, obj_two, obj_three). What I am asking : is there a way just to add those...