1. Christop777

    How to update an iOS App keeping game datas?

    Hi guys, I'm programming a game with GM 1.4 and the iOS Export module. I will publish my game,for the first time, soon. In my game I save some informations about the player (last level, best score, etc.). My question is : what is the best way to save these informations (GML code) to work fine on...
  2. R

    GMS 2 Grid Loop Help..

    Trying to get this code to loop through my inventory grid and check if the grid slot is "noone" and if it is "noone" add in an item and then stop. but it seems to add the item to every other grid slot. ie: 1,0 - 2,0 - 3,0 etc instead of just adding it to the first "noone" it comes across and...
  3. Cloaked Games

    Legacy GM [Solved] ds_grid Memory Usage

    I currently have an item index that is a ds_grid about 32 by 32 right now. Each row is an item, so it will get much longer in that direction over time. I was just wondering if I should have concerns about how large I make the grid. At what point will it start being an issue because of its size...
  4. NazGhuL

    Question - Code load_csv

    Hi. Any csv loading problem yet? I have an excel file: columns A to H (width 8) Rows 1 to 9 (Height 9) I included the file on the resource tree. then var tmp_grid = load_csv("sheet.csv"); var gw = ds_grid_width(tmp_grid); var gh = ds_grid_height(tmp_grid); show_message(gw)...
  5. J

    Grid problems that make no sense to me.

    I have a script that is run that keeps track of what entities are where in the room. The best way I can describe the problem is when I set things to the correct value they arent when I go back and check on them. I commented whats happening in the script below which describes it better than I am...
  6. T

    Referencing entries on a ds_grid after sorting it

    I was wondering, is there a way in which a ds_grid's entries can be referenced again after they are sorted? Let's say I have a specific row in a ds_grid. If I sort the grid, the old row might (or might not) be displaced to a different row number. Is there any way to get the row's new number...
  7. cdgamedev

    Legacy GM [FIXED] DS Grid Levels

    I just finished creating my level editor and want to know if there is any way that I could add the levels to my actual game, possibly using Included Files? I have tried but couldn't reference the files. They work by saving the contents of a DS grid Any ideas? Thanks, Callum
  8. T

    DS-Grid translation to screen

    All, trying my hand at procedural generation of some terrain for a game I'm working on. I am filling a ds_grid with the code number for solid earth and then running another routine to carve out caverns and tunnels. The routine that does the carving "overlays" a 5 x 5 cavern "array" of terrain...
  9. T

    [Solved] ds_grid_get error "ds_grid_get argument 1 incorrect type (2) expecting a Number (YYGI32)"

    Hey all, I created a ds_grid within the creation code of one of my rooms which looks like the following: global.grid_room0 = ds_grid_create(viewx, viewy); ds_grid_set_region(global.grid_room0, 0, 0, viewx-1, viewy-1, 0); Variables aside, the idea is to create a grid of a given size and set...
  10. O

    Legacy GM What makes ds_lists, ds_maps, and ds_grids different from an array?

    Hello, For someone who has adhd, and can't read long texts (like the manual), what's the difference in perks between ds_lists, ds_maps, ds_grids, and arrays? When would you use one over the other? Thanks in advance <3
  11. B

    Legacy GM convert ds_grid to mp_grid

    Hi there, I noticed there is a way to convert an mp_grid into a ds_grid by using mp_grid_to_ds_grid but is there a way to convert a ds_grid into an mp_grid?
  12. L

    Windows Menus

    Hello, I'm trying to make a Inventory menu system and right now I am a little stuck. I want when the player presses a key (lets say right) the cursor/menu-selector automatically highlights the next available spot in the inventory. [0] [full] [0] [full] [0] [0] [0] [0] [full] My theory on how I...
  13. L

    Legacy GM Ds_grids

    Hello friends (: back again to ask : How could I re-organize a DS_GRID so that basically all the values BUT those with 0 are Shifted. Basically imagine an inventory. If I drop something in slot 3.. [Lotion] [Tissue] [NOTHING] [Pineapple] How can the [Pineapple] shift over to the spot that...
  14. J

    Legacy GM DS Grid Based AI [Solved]

    I have been working on a procedurally generated dungeon crawler for the last 2 months, it works quite well apart from the AI. The game is based around a DS Grid which the enemies use to navigate by getting the direction to the player and moving to one of the 8 surrounding cells, the only problem...
  15. T

    Memory leak (ds_grid, ds_list)

    // Create chunk grid global.chunk_grid = ds_grid_create(global.grid_width, global.grid_height); ds_grid_clear(global.chunk_grid, noone); // Create loader grid global.loader_list = ds_list_create(); ds_list_clear(global.loader_list); // Destroy ds_grid and ds_list...
  16. I

    Why inst it spawning on the Floor tile?

    https://gyazo.com/5119f09444a0bdfc420cfff92082cbbc As you can see in this image im trying to spawn a chest randomly 5 times on the floor around the map. It spawns everywhere but the floor and i cant limit it to 5 per map generation.
  17. B

    Best way to store 2 variables in a ds_grid cell

    Hi there, I need to think of a way to store 2 different variable in 1 ds_grid cell, specifically i need to store a string and an integer, just unsure what would be the best way to do this!
  18. Let's Clone

    HTML5 DS_Grid... freezes upon read/write.

    Forum, I need your guidance! All I am trying to do is to read/write from/to an .ini file. Keep in mind that this is working flawlessly while running in Windows. /// Save the room if (keyboard_check_pressed(ord('S'))){ ini_open(working_directory+"Save.ini"); var key = get_string("Save...
  19. T

    3D Array workaround

    I'm currently storing stars in 2D arrays. Star[star_index, 0] // X pos of a star Star[star_index, 1] // Y pos of a star Star[star_index, 2] // Color of a star Each array cointains 64-512 stars. I can't have star array for every chunk in my game. All chunks also can't have only 1 star array...
  20. M

    Legacy GM Wrong sprites and text drawing on surface

    I'm trying to draw a character and stats associated with it as an overlap of custom features that are separate sprites. Those sprites each have different colored images whose index is stored in a grid. Each column corresponds to a different character and each row value is the image index for...