1. Veemonic

    GMS 2.3+ Vagante inspired inventory

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows Download: see below Links: n/a Summary: Hello, i decided to share my inventory ive done "inspired" by vagante (if you dont know vagante, its a good game too you should try it) the inventory is small sweet and simple, ill be only focusing on the...
  2. mafon2

    Legacy GM Need help with travelling through ds_grid of random rooms

    Hi, I'm making Binding of Isaac clone (it's set in hell (of course), so the regions are named "circles") and I need help with organizing the travelling between rooms. I'm not sure I've made it right (ds_grid could be used as a table, right? Right?), but that's how it goes: ini file - create...
  3. J

    Bomberman Style Level Generator using a Dungeon Generation Technique

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: HTML5 Download: https://ladyluck.itch.io/hybrid-bomberman-level-generator-for-game-maker-studio-2 Video: Summary: I just recently discovered how to use diffusion limited aggregation to create random maps and I wanted to apply it to a bomberman style level...
  4. B

    GMS 2.3+ ds_grid_set_region not working properly on web export

    So in my code I have a few calls to ds_grid_set_region, when ran on windows these work exactly as expected, however running on html 5 they will only set a region up to the smaller of the width and the height. The only way I can get my code to work properly is If the ds_grid I'm working with is a...
  5. UberhenriK

    SOLVED ds_grid_height argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32)

    Hello, I've created an inventory ds_grid for my game and a script that must get ds_grid as an argument, but it gives me an error: ds_grid_height argument 1 incorrect type (undefined) expecting a Number (YYGI32) at gml_GlobalScript_AddItem (line 18) - for (i = 0; i <...
  6. Bart

    GML Using DS Grids For Calculations

    GM Version: ALL (the code makes use of ds_grid accessors but that is not a requirement) Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary This tutorial series shows how certain calculations can be done using ds_grids. Each tutorial focuses on a specific calculation or algorithm. Tutorial...
  7. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Creating objects stored inside of a ds_grid into a large room

    Is there a way to create objects into a room that are stored inside of a ds_grid? Instance_create_layer or depth doesn't like when I try and place a something other than a direct object and gives me an error. I can draw my ds_grid when I have sprites stored in the draw event, but I imagine when...
  8. G

    Grid of Maps Question

    Hi All, I am working on a project that involves populating a ds_grid (jigsaw puzzle) with a number of maps (which contain info about the tabs and slots of the puzzle pieces). Ideally, the grid and map would be initialized, and then nested for loops iterate through the x and y coordinates...
  9. 2

    Leaving Persistent Room: Do Destroy and Room End Events Trigger?

    When the player leaves a persistent room for another (pause menu in my case) does the room end event trigger, or the instance destroy event trigger? These events currently destroy ds_grids in some of my objects, and that would break the room if I return to it (by unpausing)?
  10. C

    I need help sorting a ds_grid

    Hi there guys, iv'e been strugling with a problem for a week now and i could really use some help, for some context im trying to implement field of view using the ray casting method (iv'e adapted a method from roguebasin to gml), everything is working fine except one thing, so i keep a ds_grid...
  11. flyinian

    What are your ways to organize data for saving?

    I am looking for ways to organize data to save. I have a save/load system using JSON files and it appears to work nicely. Now, I am looking for ideas to organize data. I have several "controller" objects that controls parts of my game and done this way for organizational means. Could I place...
  12. Lens

    GMS 2 Need help retrieving (reading) data from ds_grid

    Hello! I'm making a tile-matching game (Tetris). After a piece fall down and collides for a second its' underneath collision rectangle, it creates "Dead tiles" so to say ( gets converted into 4 "dead" objects). //In one of the pieces Triggered alarm if collidedU = 1 { global.Morph = 1...
  13. F

    Legacy GM ds_grid/map functions not working for HTML5 version?

    Hi there. I am using a ds_map in order to store a number of ds_grids. The idea is that groups of objects fill out their own shared grid as you collect them, and when you have collected every object within a group, it uses the grid to create a number of jigsaw pieces, then destroys the ds_grid...
  14. danielpancake

    SOLVED ds_grid median filtering / terrain smothing

    Hello, Game Maker Community! I ran into problem with smooth terrain generation. Initially a had something like on the image below. This terrain was generated with using ds_grid_set_region and ds_grid_set_disk in random positions of ds_grid I should say, that I've tried using Perlin's noise...
  15. danielpancake

    Free gmdungeon - a dungeon template creating asset for GM:S

    gmdungeon is a dungeon template creating asset that can be used in any kind of project requiring dungeon generator. It's easy to use 👆 Download and examples: github Price: Free Installation proccess For GameMaker: Studio 1.4 Drag all scripts from src/scripts folder into your open game maker...
  16. flyinian

    Does it matter what order a grid is created in the create event?

    Instead of going 0,1,2,3,4... Could it be done 2,4,1,0,3? Would this still work? Any where in the grid? any x or y position? ds_grid_add(name,0,1,value); ds_grid_add(name,0,4,value); ds_grid_add(name,0,0,value); ds_grid_add(name,0,3,value); ds_grid_add(name,0,2,value); compared to ...
  17. zendraw

    GML Grid read string from included file

    Is it possible to read a string from an included file? i mean ds_grid_read(grid, includedfile); baring in mind that the string in the included file is saved with ds_grid_write();
  18. M

    Destroy ds_grid / map / list, even if they are local?

    Hi There Just short question. It's not that clear in the GM Help. If i have a local ds_grid like this: var grid = ds_grid_create(...) Do I have to destroy it after use as well? Thanks a lot! kind regards mX273
  19. noorsalim

    SOLVED How to Colorize ds_grid_disk ?

    I'm making a Turn-Based Strategy (TBS for short) game and want to use ds_grid to store data of the grid and manipulate it later. Here is the basic code to create the grid and populate it with oNode objects: ///@desc Create the grid global.grid = ds_grid_create(room_width/GRID_SIZE...
  20. Slothagami

    SOLVED ds_grid_sort with two columns?

    I am making a leaderboard for my game (using networking, GMS:2) and I'm new to ds_grids I want to sort it so that the player with the highest killcount is at the top, and if two or more players have the same score their order is decided by health e.g: player1 has score of 2 and 6 hp player2 has...