ds grids

  1. Schtipadoo

    GML Level generation based on specific coordinates/spot (solved ? )

    was looking on the code and, i dont know how to approach this, i want to make so my ds_grid will generate the level within a spot i want instead of the whole room, or being fixed to the x and y of the room... but i only got height and width code to make the magic happen is based on this video
  2. flyinian

    What are the ways to make grids more easily recognizable?

    I'm using a lot of grids in my code and was wondering if their is an easier way to know what a grid item does instead of looking at numbers. I've just been referencing back to the create event for the key. I've also tried using local and instance variables and that just seems to break everything.
  3. Divinik

    GML List Section of a ds_grid Based On Category?

    So I have an inventory system in the game I'm programming, and I want to be able to list only a certain category selected. The grid is set up as follows: 0 = Item Name 1 = Item Amount 2 = Item Description 3 = Item Sprite 4 = Item Script 5 = Item Type 6 = Item Icon The code to display the full...
  4. H

    Creating from ds_grid coords produces weird issue (Plz help)

    Hi, first thread. I usually don't post to forums so go easy on me. I'm using a ds_grid (whose data is written within a ds_map) to store positions of objects in my room. I've got a save script that looks like this: ///@description Save the room's objects to a grid, and then store in ds_map...
  5. T

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Trying to update ds_grid diagonally

    I have a ds_grid that I sometimes need to update in a diagonal fashion and I wondered if anyone could suggest a method. The attached image shows what I'm trying to do (the actual grid is larger). First the red diagonal (1 cell) is updated, then the yellow (2 cells), then the green (3 cells) and...
  6. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] DS Grid problems...

    So lately I've been working on an online networking game, and, surprisingly, the online Networking works just fine! The problem I'm having is actually much more basic, it's with DS Grids. So (on the server side) I convert a DS_Grid to a String using DS_Grid_Write, and I save it as a variable...
  7. Ggbah

    DS Grids or File Processing for in game databases

    I've been thinking about this for some time now, and I would like your inputs and perspectives. I was thinking, at the start of the game.. creating a DS grid which acts as a spreadsheet for items in game containing the pertinent and full list of all items per category. Individual instances of...