ds grid

  1. Muddykat

    Creating a mini map based off of a ds_grid

    I'm creating a hack and slash dungeon crawler and I want some kind of mini map, not one that gets enemy positions or anything just the room layout witch is created with a ds_grid. I have a beige idea as how I it would work as the grid and information is already there I'm just not sure how I...
  2. Mr Giff

    GML Help - Search Bar for Data Structures.

    Hey guys, I'm not sure how to go about this. I have a game with ds grid used for inventory. I want to be able to search that inventory with a search bar. I currently have a search bar object which draws input text in real time to the sprite's width and height. That text is assigned to a global...
  3. W

    GML How do you make a Mini Map[SLOVED]

    I have been trying to make a game with a mini map but all the tutorials out there involve checking for objects when I am using a random world generator with ds-grids. I this from the Beast Heart Tutorials on how to do it, but with using the ds-grids idk how to add a mini-map. Here is my level...
  4. G

    GMS 2 [GML] DS_*_write clarification and a misc questions

    When using any ds_* variant of ds_*_write(id);, is the string returned equivalent to a Base64 encoding? Or should I run what it returns through base64_encode(str); Any fantastic (read not beginners) tutorials on bit-wise manipulation?
  5. D

    Heartbeast - Tutorial - Need some advice.

    Hi guys, so I haven't done that much in terms of programming for a while and even when I did do some a few years ago I wasn't exactly great at it but I want to learn more and get better at it. I have jumped into some tutorials however I realise some of the tutorials are really outdated...
  6. C

    RPG: Efficient Initialization of NPC's and Enemies

    Hello, I started mapping out the algorithm for how I want to go about initializing enemies in dungeons for my RPG. The enemies will roam the map like how the game Chrono Trigger is set up. I started off by thinking I'll use a nested switch case to set the enemy sprite based on the room and...
  7. D

    Weird DS GRID Error

    //Set Values Next To Bombs xp = ds_map_find_value(bombs, "bomb_x" + string(bomb_count)); xy = ds_map_find_value(bombs, "bomb_y" + string(bomb_count)); if !ds_grid_get(grid, xp+1, yp) = "bomb"{ ds_grid_set(grid, xp+1, yp, ds_grid_get(grid, xp+1, yp) + 1); } I keep getting the undefined...