1. SIG.

    Android Released game with Play Licensing; APK up on 20+ websites. Is Licensing 100% useless?

    I know that all DRM can be cracked and that Play Licensing is "light" DRM, but I didn't expect this. I released my game on Monday, announced it on Tuesday, and the APK is up on 23 piracy sites three days later. Is there any reason at all to bother with Play Licensing? @Andrey I know your team...
  2. D

    Windows License Invalid (p.s. required updates)

    I purchased a GMS:2 license, and can log in to the program just fine, but whenever I launch it, it seems like my license isn't cached, leading to a "license invalid" warning prior to logging in. This is a huge problem for me, as there have been numerous occasions where I haven't had internet...
  3. Samuel Venable

    Discussion GMS2 DRM Question

    Hello peeps. So apparently, I can only have GMS2 installed on 3 computers. Does that imply simultaneous, meaning if I have it installed on 3 already, but I want to uninstall on one machine, so I can install on a different third machine, then I can do that? Or do I have to buy yet another...
  4. Jezla

    Distribution To sell or not? (Plus - DRM and digital distribution)

    Okay, this might be a little lengthy. As I near the point in my project that I start to think about distribution, I'm beginning to think seriously about whether or not I should actually try to sell my game, and where to do so. I didn't really go into the project with the idea of selling it...
  5. N

    How To Add DRM To Final Game?

    Hello GM community, I would love it if somebody could explain the process of adding DRM to the final executable of a game. For example, once downloaded, it can only be used on that device and cannot be used on another device. If it can be done using GM itself, a specific version of GM, or if you...