1. Megax60

    I just had a dream with my own character

    I was watching movies with a lot of friends, i was next to her and she was caressing me (´ ω `) Its the best dream i ever had... Have you dreamed with your own creations?
  2. Misu

    GMC Dream Journal

    Every night (or very few times), we dream of spectacular events or bizzare moments that intrigues you to tell your friends about. Of course, we have now this thread to share our most vivid dreams we had. Whether it is bizarre, or plain average, it is all like a story that awaits to be told (or...
  3. Misu

    Forum Game Dream Mafia [5-9] *DAY 4*

    You wake up in a middle of a void. Everything around you is complete nothing, blank, nada. You hold a crystal on your hand and it glows in and out, alternatively. You suddenly hear a voice and look around to see where it is coming from. You see another person… floating from a distance… As you...