1. S

    view_surface_id question

    Is it possible to set the view_surface_id for a view to a surface, draw only a few sprites to that surface, then set the view_surface_id to another surface and draw everything else there? I can't seem to do this and I'm wondering if you can only set the view_surface_id to one surface per frame...
  2. SirCaliber

    GMS 2.3+ draw_sprite lagging behind 1 frame

    Hey guys! So I've got a bit of a problem - when using draw_sprite, the player object is drawn first, then the glasses sprite in draw_sprite is being drawn on top of it, which is intended. However, the problem is that the glasses sprite is being drawn 1 frame after the object is being drawn. I'm...
  3. P

    GMS 2.3+ Drawing Procedurally Generated Terrain

    Heyo, so to start off im pretty amateur in GMS so forgive me if the entire approach is kinda dumb. I've created a perlin noise function to generate a height map for my terrain, given it some colors and it's working pretty well. Now I want to draw that terrain, but not exactly as a simple 2d...
  4. F

    Drawing sprites in the right order

    This here is supposed to be a wheat field (used sprites are placeholders). They're all sprites being drawn by one object, the positions being stored in an array. While assigning the positions it checks whether they're within a certain radius to get the circular shape. This means the sprite...
  5. H

    Struggling with "Surfaces" . ( GONNA FREAK OUT )

    I was working on a "digital design software" project on GMS2 and it requires a surface system as a matter of course but after a few failure in this project i've decided to create a brand new document and try learning how "Surfaces" actually work . i have a default room and an object in this new...
  6. orSQUADstra

    Alpha Classic Sprite Editor - The old GameMaker sprite editor remade in GMS2!

    About Classic Sprite Editor is a project aiming to bring the old sprite editor to life in the style of GameMaker Studio 2. Every aspect of the good ol' editor is being brought to life once again as close as possible! Yes, that also means that pasting an image will be made a selection, and not a...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Need advice on drawing a level (optimization)

    Hello everyone! I'm new not to just GMS, but game-dev in whole, though have pretty much experience in other programming-related stuff. That's why I need some more experienced advice for my problem. I'm going to have such type of procedurally generated levels in my game like on this...
  8. I

    GMS 2 'Drawing' in game

    I want to make a game that lets the player 'draw' things in game, using the mouse as a sort of brush, with an adjustable radius for size. I want the object the player draws to then have a collisions on it and count as an object with its own code. Does anyone know what the best way to do this is?
  9. K

    Is there a way to justify text on a page, unlike left, center or right?

    Just like how we can justify text in MS Docs. I see three types under draw_set_halign, how about justify on page?
  10. EvanSki

    GMS 2 How could I draw sound waves?

    I want to take any sound file that I add to my project (Snd_bing for example) And draw the actually waves of sound you would see for it in audacity But draw them at the same time its playing I have no idea how i would go about this. I was think I'd have to do something with getting the pitch...
  11. Tsa05

    draw_triangle_rounded() - Is there a better way?

    Howdy persons, Simply, I didn't learn the proper terminology when I should have. Blah blah public school systems, anyways... while trigonometry concepts have become ever-increasingly clear to me on account of programming, it's plausible that I just simply haven't the knowledge of what to...
  12. Pfap

    Windows [SOLVED]Corrupted text drawing

    I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. I added some test code to a rooms creation code editor, then later removed it. After deleting the code and closing the creation code editor the ide asked if I wanted to reload or save, with the room creation code being the only thing listed as changed...
  13. Pfap

    How to find a sprite on large canvas?

    I have a character sprite and then I have separate items the character can equip. The character is on a 64X64 canvas. Lets say I have spr_hat, currently to draw the character with the hat on I just draw the spr_hat onto the spr_character. Which works well, but it also means that I am drawing the...
  14. K

    Pixels getting cut off when drawing lines (with draw_line, draw_primitive and vertex_create_buffer)

    Hello Everybody, i'm using GameMaker v1.4.9999 and i am currently trying to do some stuff using verteces and shaders. EDIT: The problem also exists in GMS 2 While doing some testing i noticed something strange: When drawing verteces with the primitive type pr_linelist some pixels of the line...
  15. B

    How can I make a sketching/writing/drawing game?

    I want the user to be able to draw stuff on the screen which should look like pen/pencil drawings. I couldn't find any tutorials or any examples for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading :-)
  16. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) draw_rectangle draws semi transparent pixels on fill and some other things

    does anybody know why draw_rectangle(0,7,127,7,false) is drawing a semi transparent rectangle? also it seems that the lines top, left, and right lines are not drawing even though 0-7 is 8 pixels and 0-127 is 128 pixels which it should be drawing inside the rectangle like this.. here is my...
  17. L

    GMS 2 possible to draw game on two monitors?

    Hello. I have two monitors, and I want to draw my game to both of them, but I want to control which elements show up on monitor 1 or 2. so for example, i want all the hud elements to be on monitor 1, and the actual game on monitor 2. I know how to use surfaces. but I don't know if im...
  18. L

    GML drawing live video to surface? ( need help from CS wizards )

    Hello everybody im currently working on a project and want to know if it is somehow possible to write some kind of dll that will allow gms2 to receive some kind of video input as a surface. perhaps im too ignorant about this subject and im asking something next to impossible. my current...
  19. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 draw_sprite_part_ext

    I want to draw a sprite part. However I can't draw it rotated because draw_sprite_part_ext() does not provide a rotation option like the regular draw_sprite_ext does. Is this an oversight or is there another way to achieve this?
  20. Y

    GMS 2 Rotating character's animation

    Hello, I am creating a 2D top down shooter with gms, and wanted to know how to animate the character holding a gun and pointing it to the mouse without me having to draw him so many times. The camera is going to be at a 45 degree angle (like Stardew Valley, Enter the Gungeon, etc.), so it isn't...