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  1. A

    GMS 2 Need advice on drawing a level (optimization)

    Hello everyone! I'm new not to just GMS, but game-dev in whole, though have pretty much experience in other programming-related stuff. That's why I need some more experienced advice for my problem. I'm going to have such type of procedurally generated levels in my game like on this...
  2. I

    GMS 2 'Drawing' in game

    I want to make a game that lets the player 'draw' things in game, using the mouse as a sort of brush, with an adjustable radius for size. I want the object the player draws to then have a collisions on it and count as an object with its own code. Does anyone know what the best way to do this is?
  3. K

    Is there a way to justify text on a page, unlike left, center or right?

    Just like how we can justify text in MS Docs. I see three types under draw_set_halign, how about justify on page?
  4. EvanSki

    GMS 2 How could I draw sound waves?

    I want to take any sound file that I add to my project (Snd_bing for example) And draw the actually waves of sound you would see for it in audacity But draw them at the same time its playing I have no idea how i would go about this. I was think I'd have to do something with getting the pitch...
  5. Tsa05

    draw_triangle_rounded() - Is there a better way?

    Howdy persons, Simply, I didn't learn the proper terminology when I should have. Blah blah public school systems, anyways... while trigonometry concepts have become ever-increasingly clear to me on account of programming, it's plausible that I just simply haven't the knowledge of what to...
  6. Pfap

    Windows [SOLVED]Corrupted text drawing

    I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. I added some test code to a rooms creation code editor, then later removed it. After deleting the code and closing the creation code editor the ide asked if I wanted to reload or save, with the room creation code being the only thing listed as changed...
  7. Pfap

    How to find a sprite on large canvas?

    I have a character sprite and then I have separate items the character can equip. The character is on a 64X64 canvas. Lets say I have spr_hat, currently to draw the character with the hat on I just draw the spr_hat onto the spr_character. Which works well, but it also means that I am drawing the...
  8. K

    Pixels getting cut off when drawing lines (with draw_line, draw_primitive and vertex_create_buffer)

    Hello Everybody, i'm using GameMaker v1.4.9999 and i am currently trying to do some stuff using verteces and shaders. EDIT: The problem also exists in GMS 2 While doing some testing i noticed something strange: When drawing verteces with the primitive type pr_linelist some pixels of the line...
  9. Bonny Fernandes

    How can I make a sketching/writing/drawing game?

    I want the user to be able to draw stuff on the screen which should look like pen/pencil drawings. I couldn't find any tutorials or any examples for this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading :-)
  10. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) draw_rectangle draws semi transparent pixels on fill and some other things

    does anybody know why draw_rectangle(0,7,127,7,false) is drawing a semi transparent rectangle? also it seems that the lines top, left, and right lines are not drawing even though 0-7 is 8 pixels and 0-127 is 128 pixels which it should be drawing inside the rectangle like this.. here is my...
  11. lord_berto

    GMS 2 possible to draw game on two monitors?

    Hello. I have two monitors, and I want to draw my game to both of them, but I want to control which elements show up on monitor 1 or 2. so for example, i want all the hud elements to be on monitor 1, and the actual game on monitor 2. I know how to use surfaces. but I don't know if im...
  12. lord_berto

    GML drawing live video to surface? ( need help from CS wizards )

    Hello everybody im currently working on a project and want to know if it is somehow possible to write some kind of dll that will allow gms2 to receive some kind of video input as a surface. perhaps im too ignorant about this subject and im asking something next to impossible. my current...
  13. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 draw_sprite_part_ext

    I want to draw a sprite part. However I can't draw it rotated because draw_sprite_part_ext() does not provide a rotation option like the regular draw_sprite_ext does. Is this an oversight or is there another way to achieve this?
  14. Y

    GMS 2 Rotating character's animation

    Hello, I am creating a 2D top down shooter with gms, and wanted to know how to animate the character holding a gun and pointing it to the mouse without me having to draw him so many times. The camera is going to be at a 45 degree angle (like Stardew Valley, Enter the Gungeon, etc.), so it isn't...
  15. Appsurd

    Asset - Scripts Fast textbox engine

    Introduction We present you a fast textbox engine by Appsurd! Tested on GMS 1.4, should work on GMS 2 as well, except for the scrolling part. You must first initialise the textbox, and draw it in the Draw Event! You can change a colour using a <c=c_black> tag and the font using <f=fnt_20>. We...
  16. Sanctifier

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Trying to make an Ion Gun like in Crimsonland

    Hi Everyone. So I have a weapon in my top down shooter called a 'Tesla Rifle'. I want it to function similarly to the Ion Rifle in Crimsonland. I have the whole AoE damage aspect working fine, however I'm having trouble figuring out how to create an effect where you have 'energy links' from the...
  17. T

    GML [SOLVED] draw_set_alpha not effecting triangles

    Hey, first post so forgive if I miss any etiquette. I'm having trouble getting draw_set_alpha to behave as expected. My draw_set_alpha calls do not make the triangles disappear when triangle_visible equals zero (on a repeating timer in the step event). I know for a fact that the value is set to...
  18. Pfap

    making text more "readable"

    When using the draw_text function by itself my words or score always seem flat. Do you have any tricks to make your text easier to read or a way to make it "pop"? I usually just put a shadow behind my words and scores to give them some depth and will probably continue to, but what styles do you...
  19. F

    GMS 2 Game maker studio 2 text drawing problem, please help...

    okay so I put a # in draw_text(self.x,self.y,”hi welcome to my game#want to see what I have created?”) Unlike in studio 1.4 which I am used to this should create a new line in the text in the draw event but instead it draws the # symbol how do I go about this? Please help?
  20. Pfap

    [SOLVED]trying to draw non-existing sprite

    When I run this in a draw event I get a crashing error if global.my_turn{ draw_set_valign(fa_middle); draw_set_halign(fa_left); draw_sprite(32,64,0,visual_guide); } else{ draw_set_valign(fa_middle); draw_set_halign(fa_right); draw_sprite(256,64,0,visual_guide); } } The sprite...