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    GMS 2 Lighting Flashlight Direction (SOLVED!)

    I'm trying to make a cone flashlight with my lighting system but its not keeping the same size as its rotating. // Flashlight if (flash_light) and (flash_light_toggle) { var c = make_colour_rgb(255, 255, 255); var dir = point_direction(x, y, mouse_x, mouse_y); var buffer_x =...
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    Ring Health Bar Help?

    TLDR: I'm looking for a method of creating a "ring" or "circle" health-bar that doesn't use any of the draw_[shape] commands (which are apparently somewhat broken according to the below linked thread) A lot of the UI in my current game project is designed around a "ring" or "circle" health-bar...
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    [SOLVED] lengthdir_X/Y help

    So in my game I want to draw a triangle that goes through 2 points in my object. The way I define those points may seam long but it's actually quite simple. I have outlined that in the diagrams I have drawn below (If you can read my handwriting). The code for this is also below, I recommend to...