1. mather12

    GMS 2 [HELP]How to use function "draw_sprite_pos" to draw a part of sprite ?

    I need to draw a random part of a random sprite and use "draw_sprite_pos" to twist it.What should I do?plz.
  2. bsabiston

    can you not use shaders with draw_sprite_pos()?

    I am trying to add some shading effects to sprites which I'm drawing with the draw_sprite_pos. But even after setting the shader in the draw function, it seems to have no effect. The sprites just draw normally. Can I not use shaders with the draw_sprite_pos function? EDIT: I switched over...
  3. M

    Legacy GM Any way to achive draw_sprite_part_pos?

    Hey there. I am wondering if it is possible to achive a function like draw_sprite_part combined with draw_sprite_pos, because i need the functionality from draw_sprite_part to simulate a scrolling texture and I need to enter coordinates for the corners to add perspective to it with...
  4. MusNik

    Asset - Shaders Draw Sprite Pos Fixed

    Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4720/draw-sprite-pos-fixed Draw Sprite Pos Fixed asset is fixing the draw_sprite_pos function with a shader and one script. It corrects "affine" drawing method without using D3D mode. Use very simple: draw_sprite_pos_fixed(sprite, subimg, x1...
  5. Shut

    Legacy GM Problem with the draw_sprite_pos() function

    Hi there, I would really appreciate some help with draw_sprite_pos() I'm having. What I'm trying to achieve is a fake 3D effect and so far everything works just fine except that the sprite that is transformed ends up looking weird and not being transformed/scaled properly. Here is a screenshot...