1. mather12

    GMS 2 [HELP]How to use function "draw_sprite_pos" to draw a part of sprite ?

    I need to draw a random part of a random sprite and use "draw_sprite_pos" to twist it.What should I do?plz.
  2. Z

    Spritesheet coordinates vs single sprite image index

    Hi everyone. So I'm passed the point of initial learning and I decided to start over again, now a bit more professional. I had a project going that worked really well, but the code was extremely sloppy and became too chaotic to handle anyway. Now one of the more important things in my project...
  3. M

    Legacy GM Any way to achive draw_sprite_part_pos?

    Hey there. I am wondering if it is possible to achive a function like draw_sprite_part combined with draw_sprite_pos, because i need the functionality from draw_sprite_part to simulate a scrolling texture and I need to enter coordinates for the corners to add perspective to it with...
  4. D

    draw_sprite_part dumbfounded ??

    draw_sprite_part(sp_gui_hp,0,5,2,(global.hp/global.hpmax*50),10,x,y ) why wont it draw anything?? my healthbar is 50 wide plz help :)