1. S

    Legacy GM Side Scrolling Surfaces.

    Hi! So lately I've been working on a (I think) cool game that's like a Metroid fan game. It's been a great learning experience for me as I've figured out all kinds of stuff about how to make a stable platformer, aiming guns, using particles, and drawing sprites at different angles in order to...
  2. M

    How-to Question: Cutscene on an Overlay possible?

    Hi there, i' ve been searching around the forum and youtube to this question that bothers me now for a while. I'd like to have some kind of overlay window or other room over my current gaming room that can be used as cutscene window. I imagine something like that Room - Click on start...
  3. D

    GML Drawing a grid with for loops

    Hi there, I'm drawing a grid in a room with size 1000x768, with every "tile" being 128x128. It draws alright but at some point the for loop seem to stop working, or something else that I couldn't pinpoint. I used show_debug_message to print the iterators from the loops, but I couldn't really...
  4. L

    Legacy GM Draw event doesn't update when value gets from ini file

    Hello GMS 1.4 Community! I have a really weird and annoying problem. I am just beginner in Game maker Studio and maybe I am doing something wrong. I have a save object (like in Undertale) which saves me and the room name where I am located. And in future I need to draw the room name where i were...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    Shaders draw pixel array with shader?

    can someone tell me how to draw a pixel array with a shader? this is what I have been trying to do. /// shd_draw uniform int tilesize; uniform int tileset[4]; uniform int palette[2]; uniform int tile; uniform int dx; uniform int dy; int RGBA; vec4 drawColor; vec2 drawPos...
  6. J

    How to draw sprite in viewport (SOLVED)

    I'm using a variation of shaun spauldings fade to black code a = clamp(a + (fade * 0.009),0,1); if (a == 1) { room_goto_next(); fade = -1; } if (a == 0) && (fade == -1) { instance_destroy(); } draw_set_alpha(a); draw_sprite(spr_black,0,view_xport[0],view_yport[0]); < --- where the...
  7. O

     GM7 Sprite Editor

    When I started using Game Maker, I came up with a good method for creating seamless textures with the sprite editor for my 3D projects. I would stretch it to 300% then paste the old sized image back in rows of 3 so I could use the blur feature to smoothly merge the borders of the image and then...
  8. S

    How do I 'draw_circle' at a particular depth?

    I'm drawing circles to represent energy availability for my pawns, but I want those circles to be rendered below the pawn itself. How can I accomplish this? Another use case for setting the depth of the 'draw' event... Player Pawns are controllable during the high score screen, and the high...
  9. Dagoba

    Legacy GM image_angle for draw_sprite_part

    Is there any kind of method to have image_angle for the draw_sprite_part_ext ? There is image_xscale, image_yscale, image_blend and image_alpha for it, but not image_angle? How can I rotate a sprite that is drawed by using draw_sprite_part ? Thank you in advance!
  10. 6

    Line connected dots

    Hello! I'm trying to reproduce something i saw on a cool website (check it out anotalk.hu to understand(it's the background)) So I made a few dots (like 200) and gave them random direction and speed. Now to connect them i used a collision circle but collision circle is dumb and picks 1 instance...
  11. S

    Scaling up sprites in draw event or manual?

    I want to use 32 by 32 pixel sprites in my game, but to makethe movment run smooth I scaled it up to 128 by 128 pixels. my question is now if it ss it better to scale up each sprite, so one pixel now coresponds to a 4 by 4 area or to scale it up witha draw_sprite_ext function? Scaling up the...
  12. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] user interface bugs when turning off full screen

    Helloa I designed a user interface for my game and it worked perfect when running in full screen mode, but now when I launch the game in switched screen, the interface is very strange like it is zoomed in. The size of all rooms in the game are 1024x768. i tested the game in both 1920x1080 as...
  13. Nodamex

    Drawing issue [Solved]

    How can I handle this problem? Even if there is no draw event, it happens. The issue about walls sometimes disappears, but the other one, I cannot fix it. Arm has several parts, but all of them has the same color. Why does this outline appear? It looks weird :(
  14. Mr Giff

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Jagged / Tearing Drawn Font

    Hey Gang, So, I've recently updated to the latest version of GMS2 for Mac. And I've been encountering a text problem on a new project I've opened up. Using draw_text like I always have I'm encountering some distorted looking text. My project is 1920x1200px so there should be plenty of pixels...
  15. Hudsonius

    Increasing a Draw Event?

    So under a draw event I'm saying: <thescript>(view_xview[0]+33, view_yview[0]+16, text, width, 0); This draws my script. However, the 0 after width I want to steadily increase. (this changes the script and yeah) However, I cannot find a way to set it to increase. I tried many different ways...
  16. S

    GMS 2 [Help] Pause screen

    Hello. I'm completely new to GM and programming, so I mostly don't know what I am doing. I want to make a pause screen that stops all the sprites and adds a dark overlay. So far I am using instance_deactivate_all(). I tried to implement something with surfaces but it didnt work. I dont know how...
  17. A

    GMS 2 Black/White Alpha/Clipping Masks to COMBINE Surfaces??

    Hi I've been researching alot about using black and white images as alphas to designate which areas of an entire surface that's drawn, is to be shown, AND the EXACT OPPOSITE for another surface to be drawn. meaning... my current example: for one scene, I am using a gaussian blur shader to...
  18. W

    Legacy GM How to make menu that uses built in arrow keys that you click to 'select' pre-sets?

    Hey! I'm making a game where each time you kill an enemy you get a point. I now am making the menus. I want a screen/menu which you can change the maps by clicking on some arrow keys (Like Unreal Tournament '99). And you can change the spawn rate of the enemies and how likely some enemies are...
  19. W

    GMS 2 Shadow collision? (Need help/ideas)

    So I started two months ago (again) with Gamemaker Studio 2 and wanted to create a "solid" shadow for a little 2D Puzzle Platformer. Shadowcasting was no problem after following this Guide, but I can't figure out a good (not performance heavy) way to check for collision. Tried to check for for...
  20. Muddykat

    Silhouettes With Tiles, in a tile based room

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: Windows Download: see code posted below Links: NA This is just to help people who want silhouettes with tiles but have tiles on the floor or have other troubles with tiles that shouldn't have a silhouette This code is a modified version of a previous...