draw to screen

  1. JasonTomLee

    Legacy GM Fastest way to draw many sprites (static/animations)

    Hey GM Devs! I never really thought about this question but how would you draw hundreds of sprites w/the least amount of lag? I know that creating hundreds of objects is not the way to go haha. But from what I know, using tiles or surfaces is the most efficient way to draw static sprites?
  2. Murr_

    When Drawing text to GUI (Draw GUI Event)

    I have a few questions about the Draw GUI Event, and how it works. 1. When you have a object that draws text the the Draw GUI Event and has a color value, will it effect a OTHER object's text properties when its drawn to the Draw GUI Event. 2. How would you separate the two, from the Draw GUI...
  3. S

    Drawing background to the screen 1:1 (ignoring views) possible?

    Hi all, I have a tiled background that I want to draw 1:1 to the screen itself. At the moment I update the background tiles' x and y co-ordinates to the view own co-ordinates to make the background look static. The problem is there's some glitching sometimes when the background doesn't...