draw events

  1. H

    GML Quick question (surfaces/draw events)

    If I use the 3 different draw events to manipulate a surface, is it enough to check if it exists just in the Draw Begin event?
  2. L

    GMS 2 Draw failed due to invalid input layout

    Re-Edited post to get to the point. Gamemaker Studio 2 IDE version: v2.2.5.481 Runtime Version: v2.2.5.378 Platform: Windows This script below, I believe interferes with ANY shader when used together(could be due to old code - minor alterations from this script: Click Here) I've narrowed it...
  3. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Referencing drawn layers

    Okay so is it possible (and if so how to go about it properly) to draw sprite items and then reference or move them individually in game when something happens? For example, lets say I have this... draw_sprite(info here); // top layer draw_sprite(info here); // mid layer draw_sprite(info here)...
  4. MegaJim73

    GML [3D] Drawing depth dilemma

    I have a bit of a delicate dilemma involving the drawing of depth in 3D. I have a boss object and a parent gun object, with depths of -10 and -100 respectively. One of the gun objects is a sniper rifle which draws a scope overlay when zoomed in. The boss object has a health bar drawn on the HUD...
  5. Bart

    3D Best way to draw background gradient to use as sky

    Hi all. I've been playing around with the application surface recently and, while doing so, tried to code a gradient that acts as the sky for a day and night cycle. While I originally used a half sphere model for the sky, I figured that it could be more interesting to draw a gradient...
  6. F

    Variable not set - Object created within Object [SOLVED]

    I am creating a shop. I want to draw an arrow object when an object for sale is clicked. At the moment, the shop object draws the objects from a shop inventory (ds_grid_get(myItems,x,y)) with: (note that the local variables like itemLeftStart and horizInc are just set to numbers within the...
  7. C

    Execute Code while drawing part of a background

    I was wondering if it was possible in Gamemaker Studio 2 to have a script or some other code execute when a specific part of the screen is being drawn. This was used in some older video game consoles to make some cool effects. Example: at 14:20
  8. bsabiston

    A way to custom-draw objects only every so often?

    When you give an object a 'draw' event, it's called every frame, right? But if the object does not change, then that is a waste. Is there any way to create objects that are just drawn once, and then redrawn on demand, as needed? I am thinking of custom drawn buttons whose state will only...
  9. Freddie The Potato

    Legacy GM Draw Screen Into Surface / Using the Application Surface

    Heya! I've been trying to find a way to convert the application surface into a texture so I can use it in shaders. However, any attempts to draw this surface texture result in the image being repeated into infinity. This is an undesirable effect, as I want the surface to be drawn a single time...
  10. JacktheBlindRabbit

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Problem with drawing ONCE

    Hey everyone! I'm making a food service game, mostly to learn game maker, but I've ran into a problem: I'm drawing the ingredients on 3 different spots (Left, Middle, Right) and for this I'm using a ds_list containing the current ingredient and a switch to draw them. When the ingredients are...
  11. W

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Strange draw code problem

    Hello! So in my random cave generator project, I have a grid of squares, if a square has been visited it's variable is set to 1 and the walls between the last visited square and the current square are removed. then I find if any squares to the top, right, bottom or left have not been visited and...
  12. S

    GML Issue with instance_create_layer in for loop

    Currently making a dialog system using ds_maps and ds_lists. I'm running into an issue trying to create text objects for my player dialog responses. for this example i have the ds_map "choicemap". Inside "choicemap" are some response choices, their keys being "c0, c1, c2". The values attached...