1. A

    Demo A Dragon's Heat: Faith [0.004 SOON] [DEMO] [Patreon]

    A Dragons Heat: Faith based on an existing Story of another one of my projects INFO: Demo 0.004 incoming, including: new animations, Status bars, sounds, dialoguebox, etc. Hello there fellow Game makers. i once had a Thread here a couple years ago, so i decided to come back, but with a more...
  2. A

    Discussion Games that help with DnD

    Just recently got into DnD and made a character but everything is Skype and Word document based.... Wondering if anyone out there has used any alternatives or developed actual games that utilize the mechanics of the Dungeon Master (Perception, strength checks) All because I'd like to make a...
  3. BPOutlaws_Jeff

    Released DRAGON RAGE

    Hey everyone! This is my first solo game (minus the audio which is just from the internet, and localization done by some awesome volunteers), made with Game Maker: Studio, using EsotericSoft's Spine for the animations. I was lucky enough to get Greenlit and allowed onto Steam but didn't even...
  4. C

    Steam Take Thy Throne Online [GREENLIT]

    The game is set to release this week! You can view the original greenlight campaign here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689046565 SCREENSHOTS: ABOUT THE GAME: Take Thy Throne is an online sidescrolling tower defense game, which will cost around $3->$5. Currently we...