1. jtmx

    GML Touch screen drag (multiple) objects.

    Hello I am trying to create a menu for a touch screen device where the player drags the menu form left to right and it moves multiple objects (menu buttons) accordingly. This is my code for each button: obj_menu_button CREATE global.drag_col_select = false; mouse_xx = 0; mouse_yy = 0...
  2. zendraw

    Legacy GM Q:Virtual Key dragging

    How do you drag somthing with the virtual key. like how do you get the coordinates of where you tap on the screen? thanks.
  3. J

    Why doesn't game maker let me click my GUI?

    This has been driving me insane. I set up a button, that when pressed played a sound, and created an instance of another object. I then changed the button from just an object placed on the first instances layer to a draw_gui so it moves around with the camera. I have tried for hours but whatever...
  4. GMWolf

    GMS 2 Click & Drag Camera Pan - GMWolf

    GM Version: GameMaker:Studio 2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: Youtube Video Summary: Equiped the new Gesture events and GMS2's camera system, we look at how we can implement a simple, but effective camera panning system, allowing the player to click and drag the view around. Tutorial:
  5. Samuel Venable

    GML dragging window position with mouse?

    I tried this in the global mouse left event: mx = window_get_x()+((display_mouse_get_x()-window_get_x())*2); my = window_get_y()+((display_mouse_get_y()-window_get_y())*2); window_set_position(mx,my); And this: mx = window_get_x()+((display_mouse_get_x()-window_get_x())*2); my =...
  6. Kaliam

    GMS 2 Click and drag camera

    So I've had some issues with this for a while and I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. This script is supposed to click and drag the camera in the step event, however, I get these weird side effects whenever I move the cursor. I checked it out in debug mode and it's like...
  7. Samuel Venable

    Discussion Suggestion - Event for Window Drag/Resize

    Below you may see quoted what I suggested at http://help.yoyogames.com/ This topic is for discussing whether you find this idea useful, or if you find there should be a different, (better), way to go about it. What do you guys think?
  8. U

    HTML5 Mouse leaving canvas area in html5

    I've implemented some code that allows me to drag the paddle in my breakout game let or right sort of like a scroll bar. Only if I hold down the button drag it outside the canvas area, let go of the button while outside of the canvas area, I then move back into the canvas, and the mouse...
  9. U

    Dragging an object with the mouse

    I basically want to drag the paddle in my breakout clone with the mouse. The way I have it now, it will jump or move to the position where the center of the paddle is at the mouse position. It means if you click on the left or right edge it will move to where it's in the middle of the paddle...
  10. P

    Again problems with Physics on GM

    I'm sorry to bother again with my problems but I really want to know your opinion about this. I'm just testing some besic stuff on a simple room with pixel per meter = 0.0156 gravity on y set to 10, my object it's a simple box of size 128x32 and for testing I just move the center of sprite on...
  11. A

    Windows Drag And Zoom

    I am using gamemaker to create a floorplan system. I have developed a large amount of it myself but I have bumped into an issue which i am unable to solve. What i am trying to do is to have the functionality of where the user can zoom into the plan and drag the plan around to see different...