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    GMS 2 Viewports/Camera wont work?

    I have looked into this a bit and dont really know what is going on. Every time I try to run the game with viewports turned on, This happens: This is what the camera looks like in the level: And this is what the settings are: Also, small side-note, I dont know if anyone would even...
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    GMS 2 Enemy Paths Screwing Up?

    Ok So Here is The Explination I Am Building A Small Racing Game To Just Sorta Play With My Friends And Test My Skills And I Have The Path Set For The Enemy Racer And The Path Is Setup Correctly I Tripple Checked But When The Enemy Object Gets To The First Turn It Just Goes Straight Through The...
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    Drag and Drop - Basic Movement/ collision / walking animation/ - tutorial part 1, 2, 3, 4 - GMS2

    GM Version: GM:Studio Target Platform: Desktop (should work with Mobile and HTML5) Download: none -- see videos below Summary: A video tutorial series showing movement with Drag and drop coding. o_O Hey there guys, here is part one of this DnD drag and drop basic movement tutorial. This...
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    Legacy GM I need help with drag and shoot

    I'm trying to make a 2D golf game with a drag and shoot. I don't really know how to fully achieve this drag and shoot thing. One way I tried doing it is by //Slingshot of ball click = false; //First instances of X and Y mouseX = 0; mouseY = 0; //Second instances of X and Y mouseX2 = 0...
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    Android Speed multiplying

    I am using the drag and drop version of game maker 2, but am having trouble with getting my player to move faster with each tap. I can get him to move with each tap, but I need him to go faster with consecutive taps.
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    Windows Can't convert to GML

    Whenever I click on Convert to GML from Drag N' Drop it does not do anything. This only happens for object creation code in room editor, no where else. This only happens to this project. Here's a picture of exactly what happens. This is annoying as I don't use Drag N' Drop. How do I fix this?
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    Drag And Drop change sprite index then change back to original

    Good evening all. So I may be going about this the wrong way. What I am trying to accomplish is when the player (obj_player) gets hit by the enemy spawn (obj_enemy) the sprite changes to an "ouch" face. I can do this with the sprite_index code for GML. I figured that much out but once it...
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    GML Falling and stopping blocks

    We are doing a school project and after our blocks fall from the top of screen they won't fall again after they collide with another. I am willing to do scripts if needed. The picture is a before and after it will show what I am talking about. Notes: Game Maker Version 8.1 Objects not centered...
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    DRAG AND DROP part 3

    I'm following the instruction in the video but my bullet objects are being destroyed too far from enemies. I already checked the sprites positions according to the video and seems right. any suggestions? thanks
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    Drag And Drop (SOLVED) Trying to Draw only 3 Units of Health

    Following along a few chapters of The Game Maker's Companion, I was able to create a near-perfect Zool game. Given the fact that said book was written with Game Maker 8 aka GM: Legacy in mind, the prescribed methods I used to make it still hold up well in GameMaker: Studio. But by the end of...
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    Drag And Drop A Drag & Drop question

    I'm watching the tutorial "Your first game (DnD)" vids on youtube and I'm up to Part 3. () Around the 4:00 mark, Sean drops the Assign Variable action into the workspace, names it HP and sets the value to 5, then he drags another Assign Variable action and attaches it under the first one. He...