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    New to GM2 need D&D help

    Hey guys, trying to see how far i can get just with D&D Needing damage pop ups to appear then fade at the enemy, as it takes damage from impacting bullet obj. any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
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    New to GM2 need D&D programming help with top down shooter

    hey guys, Im making a game using drag & drop would like some help See if i was to create an instance of an object, how would I then delete it a few seconds later ? as I shoot my gun I would like bullet casings to fly out the side. the bullet casings are flying out the side but now I need to have...
  3. Z

    GML Help me to add something to the code I'm using (Basic)

    Hi there This code is from a tutorial of Shaun Splalding. Help me with it please //React to inputs move = key_left + key_right; hsp = move * movespeed; if (vsp < 10) vsp += grav; if (parado = 1) { if (place_meeting(x,y+1,obj_parpared)) { if (key_jump) vsp = -jumpspeed; } } var hsp_final =...
  4. Z

    Drag And Drop How can I say "and" in a question on Drag and Drop

    I want to check for two sprites in a question In the value box, can I somehow type: variable: sprite_index value: spr_player1 AND spr_player2 ? Do you know another way to make a double answer question?
  5. C

    GMS 2 How to set up a joystick

    Hey guys, so i recently bought a simple eight-way joystick, with some extra buttons. I want to control my player with the joystick as seen in the picture and i want to shoot with one of the buttons. So this may be be simple for pros but i dont know how to start and do this. :confused::( Maybe...
  6. M

    GMS 2 No more "Check Grid" action

    In previous versions of GM, there was a drag/drop action "Check Grid" that would check is an instance was aligned to a specified grid size (e.g. 40px x 40px). I'm teaching 9th grade students using drag and drop to create a maze game where avatar movement is grid based. I asked tech support for...
  7. B

    Moving enemy that can chase you when close

    I know how I can make an enemy move either in patters or randomly, or how to get an enemy to chase you, but how can I get an enemy to move either randomly or in patterns and chase me when I'm close?
  8. S

    Drag And Drop [GMS2] [Drag & Drop] Problem with Draw functions

    Hello everyone! So first, let me start by saying that even though I have some knowledge of programming, I'm a big newbie at Game Maker Studio in general. I'm trying make something very simple: "If I press SPACE then: draw a sprite." For some reason, when I press space, the sprite appears for...
  9. R

    GML Room transition w/ fade to black?

    Hello! this is kind of my first post on here so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make I'm still pretty new to Gamemaker, but I've managed to set up basic variables, a player, and two rooms with the help of GML stuff now my issue is the following: I want my character to collide with...
  10. S

    iOS Question about making simple type of test project.

    Hia, this is my very first time joining these forums. Though i'd like to ask for help on making a simple mobile project test for Game Maker 1.4 to get some sort of very basic grip on things. It's basically where I have multiple lists to select from, can toggle on and off which ones I would like...
  11. id07

    Drag And Drop Virtual key as a trigger for NPC

    So I'm trying make a basic RPG room for testing. And I wanted to have a virtual mouse click/button (for android) that when colliding with an the object (NPC) , that upon clicking the visible virtual key/a button (mouse left click) in the room, the collision would check that the left button is...
  12. id07

    Drag And Drop [Solved]Adding global variables to local variables

    Hello all. I'm hoping someone can reveal the proper method of what I thought was a simple task. So I set up a local variable in an event, and I have a global event in another. I would like to add them together, or for the variable to take into account the current global variable. In the local...
  13. S

    Drag And Drop Need gm2 D&D Tileset Help

    Hi, i need some quick help. Using only the D&D method, how can i add collisions to tiles in a tileset? Or is there a different way to make tiles interact with objects? Are there any tutorials on this for D&D? I just need my object(s) to stop when they hit one of my tiles in my palisade tileset...
  14. C

    Destroying other instances from a "main object"?

    Hey guys, i have a problem with destroying a specific instance. I create an object, called object_enemy_2 and this object creates other objects (light, gun and engine). The enemy has 10 health and when it has a collision with the bullet from the player, health becomes -1 (relativ). When it drops...
  15. R

    GMS 2 Sprite Depth with D&D in GMS2

    I have been playing around with GMS2 to see if it would be a good fit for classes where I teach game programming to kids (in the past I have used older versions of Game Maker). I noticed that objects no longer have a "depth" property like in older versions. I searched around a bit, but the...
  16. I

    How to create a drag and drop object?

    I feel stupid for not realizing how to do this after all these years of using Game Maker and understanding more complex stuff. . .I need to create an object that can be dragged and dropped in the room by the mouse. The only way I can do that is by having the object jump to mouse position after...
  17. M

    Drag And Drop Global variables in rooms

    Hi, I have a problem, I want to put the ultimate score in another room which is the room of game over, but I can`t do it, I tried to do it with a global variable but it`s always on 0 at the game over room. Any advice? I`m using Game Maker 2 and drag and drop.
  18. C

    Question - D&D instance_create_layer :: specified layer "Gun" does not exist

    Hey Guys, first of all, I am not a pro and this is one of my first projects. Thats why I use Drag and Drop and not GML. Now I wanted to give my objects diffrent layers, so I created new sublayers and renamed them. I want that the spaceshuttle has the biggest depth then come the bullets and then...
  19. T

    Simple delay using DND?

    So I was following the tutorial series for making a shooter game with Drag and Drop. For the shooting functionality the tutorial has us create a variable for cooldown, set it's value to 0 and then only allow shooting when that variable is less than or equal to 0. I wanted to add a delay before...
  20. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Help to "Choose" which to destroy

    I come here with another post for help. I am working on a project in which every 30 seconds, the scenery changes, getting day and night, and thus changing the sun by the moon. But the question is: How do I, when I change the scene, it is possible to kill only one type of zombie? I have two...