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  1. D

    Drag And Drop Destroying an Instance when Collision Stops Happening

    Hello, I'm very new to GameMaker DnD and programming in general. I'm creating an object that spawns an instance of a different object above it, but I would like the instance it creates to destroy itself once the player walks away. How would I go about this? I can only get the instance to create...
  2. flyinian

    (Solved)Is D&D good practice

    I am wondering if D&D is good practice for seeing how code is formed. I havent used D&D so, im not familiar with it but, i remember a "show code" option and I thought that it might be good practice for code visualization. You create a small project with D&D and then you read through the code...
  3. P

    Animating frames are overlapping

    Hey, I'm pretty new to GameMaker and I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm making a SHMUP set in the ocean and I want to create a wave that trails behind the player when they move to the bottom of the screen. I was able to do this with an animated sprite, but each sprite frame stays on the screen...
  4. R

    Sprite mirroring glitching

    Hi, I'm new to these forums, I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. But I'm needing help, I'm trying to do a game jam but this is happening in my game: I don't know how to fix it and thought asking on the forums would help. This is my first time making a game.
  5. EvanSki

    Discussion DnD vs GML

    Welcome to my ultimate thread about Drag and Drop and Game Maker Language. Basically I'd like to have people talk about there thoughts on whats better to use and why. In my personal opinion I think GML is easier to understand when you get the gest of it, though DnD has the benefit of being more...
  6. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Using Checkpoints and lives at the same time

    So I've been following Shaun's tutorial video on how to add checkpoints in the game and I did okay with it. But however, I'm having trouble with using checkpoints and lives at the same time. No matter what I do, the player would respawn (sometimes) to the checkpoint, and I would not be able to...
  7. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Lives with Checkpoint

    So I'm making a game that will have checkpoints and lives as well as a health bar and a score mechanic. Here's what the code looks like for each event. Game Start: global.checkpointX = 0; global.checkpointY = 0; lives = 3; // you should probably have 3 as a variable just in case you want to do...
  8. T

    Can't Switch Rooms (on click) with Drag N'Drop

    Hi, I'm super new to programming and am just making a small game for my school's science fair, so naturally I decided to do it with Drag-n-drop mode. I've created room 0 as the main menu with the animated logo and stuff; created an object that would take the player to the next room, but it...
  9. DarklinkFighter

    Question - D&D Custom Drag & Drop Functions with named Parameters possible?

    Hi, I currently try to create an easy to use RPG Framework for GMS2. For that I would like to make some scripts that I would be compatible with the Drag & Drop System so that beginners could also use it even if I am a programmer and would not use it myself... I noticed that calling GML/DND...
  10. F

    Windows Cant figure out GOTO/NEXT transitions (GML)

    Recently I've been working on a top down game and ive moved into working on screen transitions for my main way of moving between areas. I have figured a few parts out with the help of some YouTube videos and understand decent amounts of coding and have been using an enum with constants of an...
  11. N

    Drag And Drop Setting a timer / countdown?

    Hey there! I need to create a timer / countdown in two different rooms / levels, so that your time to finish the maze is limited. If the time is up I want the player to respawn at the beginning... Please help me achieving this with Drag and Drop, I reaaally need your help
  12. Liam Earles

    Variable not set before reading it

    So I was working on a project and while testing, I got a crash bug with an error message saying this: ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 14 of Step Event0 for...
  13. C

    is it possible to draw variables on objects with codes?

    hi, im working on a game that involves drawing hundreds of variables on objects. each object has its own unique variable ( a counter) attached to it. currently im using drag n drop and have done 50 this way. the position for the count is -5, -5. obviously this is a very long procss and will...
  14. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop Sprite Change not executing.

    Hi everyone! Before you read, THIS IS A DRAG N' DROP THREAD, NOT CODING. Alright, now I can explain. I have made this action which an animation when finished, will change to another animation (via sprite_change instance), and then, once the second animation is over, it will change to the...
  15. V

    Drag And Drop Spawning Enemies at random locations outside room

    Hey guys, so I am using Create Instance to create an Enemy Instance. I've set the X to be chosen between the X co-ordinate of 8 different instances of a spawner object. I've done the same for Y. Now the problem is, enemy instances are sometimes created inside the room since it chooses X and Y...
  16. L

    Gap between my solid objects when colliding?

    Hey guys, I'm new to Gamemaker Studio 2. I'm using the drag and drop features to create my game. What I want is for the blue box to bounce back and forth between the two grey walls on either side. I have the movement down, but for some reason the blue and grey box arent actually touching. I...
  17. W

    Drag And Drop Spinning Text

    Hello, TL;TR How to make spinning text in drag and drop. So i am making a little game named "Precision" and im just doing End/You Won Screen And I Wanted To Make A Text "You Won" Spin... And I Tried "image_angle += 5" As GML In Step Event, I Just Copied It And Pasted It But I Would Rather Drag...
  18. S

    Asset - Scripts Perfect Drag and Drop - FREE

    Hi everyone, Here is my ultra simple drag-and-drop library: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6351/drag-and-drop Avoid writing this code... I've done it for you! I made this solution to drag & drop as minimal, fast, and easy as possible. Drag and drop is a 4 step process. 1. Create...
  19. Liam Earles

    I need help with the Up and Down Axis Values!

    Hello! I am trying to code analogue stick controls to simulate the keyboard Up and Down buttons and no matter how hard I try when I test out my project for half of the time, the object always wants to go down. This is the code I have for when the axis value is moved: if gamepad_axis_value(0...
  20. Liam Earles

    Help! Using gamepad controls with Keyboard Events.

    Hey guys! I am currently trying to code gamepad controls to "emulate" the keyboard events. This is an example of a code of what I'm trying to do: gamepad_button_check_pressed(0, gp_face1) keyboard_check(ord('X')) What I'm trying to do is that I am trying to make a separate object to be as the...