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  1. V4NTT4BL4CK

    Windows Collision and Drag & Drop problems

    I was trying to use Drag & Drop following a tutorial on YT, but when I ran the "game" I get an error on my screen and I don't know how to solve it
  2. M

    Drag And Drop How can I make two objects repel each other?

    So I'm trying to make a racing game with DnD and i'm trying to make the two cars repel each other when they collide, but i'm pretty new to GMS. I've tried several things but I just don't seem to be able to do it. Please help. The attached picture is how it looks...
  3. M

    Drag And Drop SOLVED - Drag an object after left mouse down on it

    Hi guys, my problem is probably very simple but I'm a newbie, so be patience šŸ˜¬ I'm using DnD to create my software and now I should move three object (one object at time) to a goal. The idea is to drag every object with left mouse down on it, but I can't find the right commands. Thank you very...
  4. H

    Drag And Drop I suck at working with global variables, help me.

    Basically what this is supposed to do is that when a local variable has a certain value it sets a global variable with a value of 1, then another object gets that global variable and if the value of that variable is 1 then it plays a sound and the instance of this object gets deleted. But its...
  5. L

    SOLVED crashing while trying to assign dead state

    While trying to assign the state 'ps.DEAD' the game crashes saying the event is not defined. Except when I created the health bar, it worked and displayed correctly. hp is defined within the variable definitions.
  6. A

    Discussion Drag & Drop Feature QoL Request

    Hello there! I am currently fiddling around with the trial version of GMS2 and so far it looks quite nice and I like what I see, but I have one thing that really blocks me from having a bigger and better experience. In the Drag & Drop System, the block alignment is really bad and weird. 1...
  7. I

    Question - D&D Gamemaker Drag and Drop 2.3 Conversion Fail

    Hey guys. I'm trying to convert my project to 2.3. It's an ordinary drag and drop project so I don't understand why I'm having issues. There's no other error messages besides the dialogue box saying that there was an error. If anyone has run into this issue lemme know! I'd love to continue...
  8. Z

    Game Maker 8 Drag and Drop P-Angle and Radius, object follow

    Hi, I remember that you could make an object stick to another following it with those variables, also spinning around it only changing some values in the step event. I remember all you had to do was establishing 2 variables in the create event and then two actions in the step event. Please help
  9. M

    D&D Collision Issue

    I'm not even sure if I'm posting in the right place, this being my first post, but, I do not know how to solve an issue I am having with my game. I would really appreciate any help. I want to make my player object restart the game if it collides with a certain object if the space bar is NOT...
  10. TyGamess

    Drag And Drop with Path-Finding

    Idk if was a post already. But how to i drag and drop an object that has path finding codded into it? Here is the code I have so far: if treached = false { sprite_index = spr_villagerMoving if (!instance_exists(target)) { // create new target var gx =...
  11. P

    Legacy GM [Solved] Graphics Worsen After Changing Rooms

    Hey guys, I'm making a shmup that, so far, really only has one level. I recently made a title screen, but when I use the Change Room or Next Room action, the sprites for the one level's objects are in a lower resolution compared to how they look when I have the level play as the game starts...
  12. Matthew McIntosh

    *Solved* Noob Character Movement

    So, I am returning to game maker after well-over 5 years away and I'm finding that picking up at my previous skill level is clearly not an option (I've forgotten everything it feels like). Anyway. I was messing around with a super-simple character movement my mouse clicking I did it two ways...
  13. J

    Collision Object/Collision mask

    Helloo! I am using Game maker Drag & Drop and I have a problem with my collisions masks ( I guess?).. But first the problem: I have a collision object with a normal collsion set up, so my player should be able to walk on it and against it, but not through it. But since I scaled the collision...
  14. G

    Custom Cursor in Drag and Drop

    Hey, I'm developing a sort of five nights at freddy's style game for my girlfriends birthday coming up, and one of the things i wanted to include is a custom mouse cursor while within the game. However, i don't have any coding experience except for other types of games i've made in game maker...
  15. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Ideas for Wall Jump mechanic

    So, I've been working on a game where I did a wall jump with 2 separate objects, and from what I learned, switching objects like that is bad practice, and cause the game to do frequent crash bugs. So I tried to do one object and I followed Shaun Spaulding's tutorial, but it didn't work. So I...
  16. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Crouching not working

    So, I've been making this game where I would like the player to crouch. My problem is, when I made a separate object for the crouch character, it seems like even though I hold down it would revert back to the idle position of the character. If I did something like, "press down to change to the...
  17. L

    Asteroids Random Sprites

    Hello, NooB needs some advice. Doing the Asteroids tutorial Drag and Drop mode. I am not at home so can't post the code, but maybe you can help anyway? As per the tutorial I use Random function to assign three different sprite sizes to Obj_Asteroid. The Sprite options are: 1. Spr_Asteroid_Sm...
  18. L

    Drag and Drop or GML for teaching 10-14 year olds

    I know this is a weird question but if I'm teaching a group of 5-8 students game maker should I use drag and drop or GML. I want to teach GML for a few reasons. I believe kids are not as stupid as many think and I believe they can understand what "x = x + 5". Many people (most who don't even...
  19. LibrarianOz

    Drag And Drop How do I make One Way Platforms Using Drag & Drop?

    I have not found a single tutorial that shows how to do one-way platforms using the drag & drop method. Could someone please help? I am using GameMaker Studio 2
  20. D

    Drag And Drop Destroying an Instance when Collision Stops Happening

    Hello, I'm very new to GameMaker DnD and programming in general. I'm creating an object that spawns an instance of a different object above it, but I would like the instance it creates to destroy itself once the player walks away. How would I go about this? I can only get the instance to create...