drag and drop

  1. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM Drag and drop is harder than GML

    What do you think is easier? Drag and drop Or GML? I wanna find out.
  2. T

    What does "show highscore" do?

    i would really like to figure this out to add it to my game if you answer. . . THANK YOU
  3. W

    Drag And Drop change sprite index then change back to original

    Good evening all. So I may be going about this the wrong way. What I am trying to accomplish is when the player (obj_player) gets hit by the enemy spawn (obj_enemy) the sprite changes to an "ouch" face. I can do this with the sprite_index code for GML. I figured that much out but once it...
  4. K

    GML Falling and stopping blocks

    We are doing a school project and after our blocks fall from the top of screen they won't fall again after they collide with another. I am willing to do scripts if needed. The picture is a before and after it will show what I am talking about. Notes: Game Maker Version 8.1 Objects not centered...
  5. M

    Drag And Drop Drawing Ending Score - Help

    Hey guys. I've been developing a small game and managed to get it to work with the "built in variable" "score". I did powerups and all of these things. But when you die in game, I want the score to appear on the death screen. The score is in the player object and I created another obj_score for...
  6. R

    Enemy Ai

    Hello, I am trying to make a platformer with every enemy having different abilities. However, i don't know how to use AI. I am currently working on an meele enemy but also want to create the following; Electricity, Brute, Scientist (who runs away from enemy and drops key to exit on death)...
  7. B

    Drag And Drop Getting Position of Instance Using Drag and Drop

    I am trying to make a program where I click on Object 1 and drag it to object 2 and when I release Object 1 it will snap to Object 2. My issue is that I want to have multiple Object 2's but if I just put another instance in the room Object 1 will always snap to the first Object 2 in the scene...
  8. C

    Move to contact ?

    how to reproduce the move to contact that was in gamemaker 1 (only d'nd)
  9. C

    Drag 'n Drop platformer

    Did somebody make a platformer while using Drag 'n drop I would like to know how you make collision system with tilesets or object can somebody send me a demo for i try :d'
  10. B

    Help GMS 2 DnD

    Is there a way to change the max value for the health bar without coding. note: I am using the Trial version if that makes any diference.
  11. J

    Question - D&D DnD Particle System

    Hello all, I am new to Game maker studio. Can someone please tell me how to create a particle system with an emitter using the drag and drop? I am trying to create a movable cloud type character. I found where the buttons are for the particle stuff but I dont know in what order they should be...
  12. M

    Drag And Drop How to show countdown timer?

    I have a timer set for 9000 ticks, or five minutes, but I would like to be able to show that to the player in the format minutes:seconds. Is there a way to do that through drag and drop functions? Or do I have to use code?
  13. A

    Question - D&D Tiles & Tilesets (the easiest ways to use them)?

    I'm new to Game Maker Studio, so if there is anyone more knowledgeable on the subject of making tiles behave properly when placed (I have lines separating them, which the tutorial does not seem to cover), your help would be greatly appreciated. I came here from unity for easy asset creation and...
  14. S

    Drag And Drop Beginner looking for help (If collision shape, etc.)

    Yesterday I decided to download GMS2 after learning that I could program by dragging and dropping symbols instead of writing code. I've never really been able to wrap my head around things like C# and as a visual-based artist the DnD features feel really intuitive in comparison. I've watched the...
  15. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Making a shield object follow player upon creation

    I'm working on an endless scrolling shmup and I'm having a bit of difficulty implementing the use of a shield in it. I want to have enemies sometimes drop a few power-ups upon death. On one hand, I managed to get a functioning power-up that upgrades the number and power of my player character's...
  16. M

    Need Help in Creating Multi Window Menu which can Spawn Objects

    Hello everyone im new to this forum and to game maker as well. I am doing a small project for my class in college and need some help. I want to create menus which can spawn blocks or objects just like in scratch or google blockly. I cant seem to find any tutorial related to this. If any fellow...
  17. Y

    #Solved - Don't want alarm to reset.

    I have a game that I need to set an alarm after clicking, so in my click event I set an alarm and it would count to then I would be able to move again, but if i try to click while the alarm is running it just sets it again, I want it to set then not be able to be reset until I can move again.
  18. Z

    Drag And Drop How to jump through platforms

    Any idea of how can I make that in Drag and Drop? Or if you know the code you can tell me where and how to use it
  19. E

    Player Walking...

    I am creating an RPG in the style of the Mother Games and Undertale. I have created separate sprites for my overworld character. One going up, One going down, One going left and One going right. Each contains to images that create a sort of animation. I have programmed it so when you press the...
  20. Z

    Drag And Drop Help with Slopes in platformer

    I found this in a tutorial: If X-4 is collision free(Relative) [Jump to X-4(Relative)] else [If Y-2 and X-2 is collision free(Relative) [Jump to Y-2 and X-2 (Relative)] ] But it gets stuck some times and it doesn't work for the down way in the slope, just for the way up