drag and drop

  1. noé cambou

    Android Android versions fonctionalities

    Hi :D To complete my game, i just need to make a zoom. I just want to make the possibility of zooming with 2 fingers as many other games. But unfortunaly, i Don't manage to do that with my Windows version… I will bye the android version if it's possible to do this with this version. So do you...
  2. noé cambou

    Drag and Drop : Android Version

    Hi :D Do you know if the gamemaker Android developper has more fonctions than Creator Windows version ? i want to create an android game and i know that i need Android version to export my game in good file. but do you know if this version is really different the the orthers ? (exepted the...
  3. noé cambou

    Drag and drop : How to zoom ?

    hi :D Do you know how can i zoom in my game ? i would try to make a zoom as many other games (such as clash of clan, garden scapes etc...). With 2 fingers which are going to extremities of the screen. Do you know if i can make it easily with free version of Gamemaker or if i have to pay...
  4. PixelPluto

    Changing Text with DnD

    Hello there, I am new to GameMaker 2 and I'm working with Drag and Drop, and I have a problem with text in my game project. I would like to do the following: I click with the mouse (event "Left released") on my text object, and the text changes with every click, like this: click 1 = "Hello,"...
  5. M

    Drag And Drop change room once a sound ends

    Hello everyone!, i am kinda new in developing, and i have encountered a problem. Basically before entering the main part of the game, there's a pre-game screen which plays a little tune, and i want to make it so that once the sound ends, it changes to the next room. I know how to change room...
  6. S

    Asset - Scripts Perfect Drag and Drop - FREE

    Hi everyone, Here is my ultra simple drag-and-drop library: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6351/drag-and-drop Avoid writing this code... I've done it for you! I made this solution to drag & drop as minimal, fast, and easy as possible. Drag and drop is a 4 step process. 1. Create...
  7. Liam Earles

    I need help with the Up and Down Axis Values!

    Hello! I am trying to code analogue stick controls to simulate the keyboard Up and Down buttons and no matter how hard I try when I test out my project for half of the time, the object always wants to go down. This is the code I have for when the axis value is moved: if gamepad_axis_value(0...
  8. W

    Drag And Drop Boss Health Bar [Solved]

    I was trying to make a boss health bar but when i add a health bar then the boss disappears and when i add health bar with letters (example : Boss Health : 200) and then it shows just a text and the boss disappears again but when there is no health bar then the boss appears i think i need to do...
  9. P

    How would I make a Risk like combat system?

    I am a beginner and I want to make a game like risk, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a similar combat system. There aren't any tutorials on this either. What are some suggestions on what to do that would work in Drag and Drop?
  10. R

    Build to top speed, drag and drop

    Hi all, In Game Maker Studio 2, I am having trouble getting my character to stop accelerating. Basically I am trying to create a movement style similar to Sonic the hedgehog. I am using friction to slow down which works great, but I cant seem to find a way to limit the top speed. Are there any...
  11. Garling

    DND - Reduce Var while key is pressed

    I am trying to reduce a var while the Space is pressed, I have a var set to 100 and under the Space key pressed event I have it set to -10. It does reduce for each key press but I want it to reduce -10 for each 5 secs the key is pressed.
  12. B

    Scrolling shooter tutorial using Drag and Drop

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: see video below Links: sprite sheet http://blitzbasement.com/yt (Sprite sheet created by Ari Feldman is available for free use under terms of Common Public License Ver1.0) Summary: The aim of this beginners tutorial is to complete a simple...
  13. T

    Drag And Drop Collision inaccurate in DnD Tutorial #3 when moving

    Hey everyone, first post. Just want to start by saying the GMS IDE and tutorials have been great so far! Awesome introduction to the platform. Now on to my issue. I followed the Part 3 DnD video tutorial () and everything works great, except the collision boxes for enemy/player when they are...
  14. J

    GMS 2 Can You Use Both Gml and Drag and Drop on One Project?

    Can you use both gml and drag and drop on one project like how you were able to in gamemaker studio 1.4?
  15. C

    Creating Save/load files, inventories, and carrying items from room to room

    Hey! I am extremely new to game maker studio 2, and I had a few questions for an RPG I am making using drag and drop. First is how to make a save and load menu. Honestly I have no clue whatsoever about how to do this. Second, I am trying to make an inventory menu system so my players can pick...
  16. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Player only Attacking every other click

    I'm creating a combat system for my mobile game where every swipe, the player should attack. Right now, it only registers every other swipe, so you need to swipe twice in a row in order for the player to attack. It had the issue when I originally used double-taps (or right-clicks) instead of...
  17. G

    (Drag & Drop) How do i change sprites

    I'm asking this here because I can't find tutorials anywhere for drag and drop. So I'm trying to make a fighting animation, and a walking animation, but I can't figure out how to do that with drag and drop. Can you help me?
  18. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Interface Elements Change Position on Continue/Retry

    I created a score and collectible item count in the upper left corner of the screen to keep track of how well the player is doing. When creating a new save file, it is placed where I want it to be. Although, once I click continue (from the title screen) or retry (from the game over screen), it...
  19. Sarena

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Hit Box only works when moving

    I set up a sword weapon that will create a hit box that decreases the enemy's hp when colliding with it. Everything works correctly except the placement of my hit box is a little weird. When my player is standing still, the hit box will appear on top of the player. When my player is moving, the...
  20. Alon Dan

    Drag And Drop Move to Contact?

    Hello there, Since there are not many Drag and Drop video tutorials out there, I'm trying to follow this one, But it seems like Move to Contact is missing from the DnD Movement section. I'm not sure about the differences and updates from GMS 1.x DnD to 2.x Question: What is the...