drag and drop

  1. Slyddar

    Transitions - DND and GML

    GM Version: 2.25 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: GML - https://youtu.be/JGnZJh63BtM Drag and Drop - https://youtu.be/in4pwniAqcI Summary: Here’s a dual Drag and Drop and GML tutorial on creating a cool transition effect, which you can use in any of your games. It’s all contained in...
  2. Official Cody Productions

    Drag And Drop Can't Shoot?

    Hey So I'm working on a little game for me and my nephews and I'm probably gonna publish it. You play as 2 Players 1 good 1 evil. The Good one moves with WASD and Shoots with Spacebar while the other one moves with arrow keys and shoots with enter. I don't know how to make them shoot? Good...
  3. Official Cody Productions

    Drag And Drop Hey Guy's Please Help

    So I created this where when you pick up your gun you can shoot (ofc) and it won't shoot Please Help and see if you can help me fix this thanks Edit: I have relative turned on put still wont work
  4. B

    Particles not showing in DnD

    Hi guys, I am new to GMS2 and have been following Space Rock DnD tutorial on youtube. I have been trying to copy the burst particle effect for player exhaust and rock destroy particles with no success at all. The DnD are all in place and the game runs fine without error but I just don't see any...
  5. D1Project

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop if [...] or [...]

    Hello, Using Drag and Drop, is there a way to do if [...] or [...] ? The only workaround I found is to use an "If Expression" and put the whole expression in. For example, if I have a boss with 4 phases, but I want him to execute the same action on phase 2 and 4. In GML, we would put "if phase...
  6. E

    How do I go to a room 10 rooms away?

    I'm making a maze game, and I'm trying to make things easier on myself. I don't want to have to say "goto room ____," I want to essentially go to a room that is ten rooms away from my current room in the list, so that I don't have to create a million different objects just to go to each room. Is...
  7. 1

    GMS 2 Character placement issue with "Set Gravity Force"

    Hello everybody! I use: Drag and drop. (No coding.) IDE Version: Current Runtime: Game info: Low resolution game. Room Settings / Camera Properties: Width 160x88px Sprite size: 8x8px Viewport Properties: 1600x880px I want my character to stand/walk/land pixel perfect on...
  8. S

    "Game over" not working when losing all lives

    I'm new at programming, so I'm really dumb at it, sorry! But the thing is, i'm making my first game, and I cant add the "game over" when the players lose all the three lives. It automatically ends when losing the first live. This started happening when I put "if lives", so probably i'm missing...
  9. G

    Problem with an animation in drag and drop

    So, in my platforming game, i wanted to make it to where you would kill enemies and break boxes with a sword. So, i made the sprites i needed, one for the character and an animation for them swinging their sword. I was able to get it the character to switch to the sword animation at the press of...
  10. G

    How do i make an enemy tower?

    Me... again.. I am completely lost on how to program stackable enemies. I want to be able to stack my enemies, similar to how goombas stack in Mario. Where they all move as one tower of enemies. I'm using drag and drop to make my platforming game, and i tried looking for this information online...
  11. G

    Saving based on the room the player is in with Drag and Drop

    So, i've been working on making a platforming game using Drag and Drop in Gamemaker 2 Studio. I'm struggling with a save system. The sort of system i want is if the player is in a certain room, the game saves automatically. For example, once the player gets to a new world, saving it so that when...
  12. C

    GMS 2 How can I child one instance to another?

    I am a newb at GameMaker. I have a 2D map which you can move around. I want to add pins to the map, such that when the map moves, the pins stay in the same position relative to the map. By default, the map will move, while the pins remain stationary. I have tried creating a sub-layer of...
  13. Slyddar

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop Platformer Series

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: A detailed tutorial series on creating a platformer using traditional hsp/vsp collision methods, but implemented in drag and drop. It will eventually cover collision code, states, enemies, basic tiling, parallax scrolling...
  14. I

    Need explanation on how drag and drop random works

    Let me say clear what I try to create. On top of the screen there is 3 ball spawners. Below screen is line. On start of the game, 1 ball will be already in the middle of the screen. Ball will fall down and after ball touches the line, new ball will be randomly spawned in 1 of the spawners...
  15. N

    Drag And Drop Setting a timer / countdown in 2 different rooms?

    Hey there! I'm a total noob and need to create a timer / countdown in two different rooms / levels, so that your time to finish the maze is limited. If the time is up I want the player to respawn at the beginning... Please help me achieving this with Drag and Drop
  16. N

    Drag And Drop Making connected paths for a maze?

    Hey there! I'm a total rookie and I have no idea how to make it that my character can only walk within the light pathways (see attached file). Please tell me how to achieve this in DnD!
  17. N

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Switching levels/rooms after last frame of cutscene?

    Hey there! I made an frame by frame intro animation, which is controlled by button pressing. Every time you press any key, the frame changes one step forward. Now I want that after the last frame it changes the room/level to the actual gameplay part. How do I do that? The attached file shows my...
  18. A

    Drag And Drop Display Health Damage

    I'm currently having issues with RNG and variables, Essentially in my RPG, I want to display the amount of damage done to the creature when attacked, but I have a generator choosing a number and then the number actually affecting the monster is rounded up or down. and the problem I have is...
  19. L

    Editable Text

    I'm trying to figure out how to create text that the player can edit. I've only found ones for regular coding but I'm using drag and drop.
  20. Dr_Nomz

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Variable not being drawn...

    so I managed to initialize a global variable (at least as far as the Debug menu is concerned) and now I want to draw it with a HUD object, but my old way doesn't seem to work for some reason. It's like this: obj_Control initializes variables upon creation. obj_HUD Follows Character (step event...