1. Karlabos

    GMS 2 Ps1 controller's dpad not recognized?

    So I have a script called in the async system event. The script goes more or less like this: myup = gp_padu; myshoot = gp_face1; and so forth... I pass those constants to a variable depending on the user controller configuration. Then the object calls something like this (for moving left, say)...
  2. C

    help for making dpad for phone app

    hello I'm very new to game maker and I require help. I'm currently working on I project that I hopefully can put on the app store however my choice of movement is a dpad. I've thought about using the new gestures that game maker have to offer however I don't know how to approach this matter...
  3. A

    Android / Amazon Fire Creating Virtual D-Pad for Mobile Game

    I have been trying to do this for 8-9 hours now, I cant get it to WORK! Every tutorial is either 4-5 years old or in spanish. Im a beginner and this is kinda frustrating that mobile implementation of keys can be this hard. I currently started with the tutorial: But the video involves Xbox...