1. wes.salt

    GMS:2 [SOLVED] Adding a 2nd jump after Edge Counter

    Hello, I've just started learning GMS and was stuck at the jumping problem for quite a while. I'd be appreciated if someone can help me with this The edge code I used was taken from Flynn's Advanced Jumping (Coyote Method), it worked fine but I couldn't add a 2nd jump right after the edge...
  2. K12gamer

    I have to press my HTML5 game's start button 2 times to begin a game.

    My game is embedded on my website. I have to press the START button for a second time when the initial screen of my game is shown. If I run it as a regular windows game the start button works as intended with just one click. Is there a way to get the HTML5 version of my game to start with just...
  3. I

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]How to make a proper double jump?

    So I am trying to make my character to double jump, but I either make him only jump once or jump for as many times as they want. Here is my code: jumps = 0; jumpsmax = 2; if(onGround) { jumps = jumpsmax; } if(jump && !jumpHold && jumps > 0) { jumps -= 1; ySpeed = jPower...
  4. S

    Create Event launched twice

    Sooooo I have a weird bug in Game Maker 8.1 where my create event gets initiated twice (I checked, there was only one instance of said object in the room) Anyone would have any idea as to how or why would it occur? I can give additional details about this problem if needed!
  5. L

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Adding double jump

    Hello, i have tried to add double jumping to my player object without success. I was hoping someone here could help me. Here is the code: Create Event //Initialize Variables grav = 0.5; //gravitation gravmax = 10; hsp = 0; //horizontal speed vsp = 0; //vertical speed movespeed = 3...
  6. L

    Double jump! ..while using variable jumping

    Hello. I'd like to add a double jump for my obj_player but i can't seem to make it work with the ledge assistance, jump input buffering and variable jumping i'm currently using. I'd like to have two jumps if i jump off the ground but only one jump if i walk off a platform. I'll send my create...
  7. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM draw_self() causes double sprite

    I have an obj_z_key with spr_z_key in a room with Draw GUI end: draw_self(). Now I have double sprites, while I only want the sprite drawn in the GUI end, and not the object it self. Any way I can disable the sprite of the object itself without also disabling the GUI end drawn sprite?
  8. A

    Legacy GM [Solved] Button registering twice

    Hello, I've set up a store menu where the user can buy guns and ammo. They are able to purchase full ammo, and per magazine. The issue is that when the user presses to buy a magazine, it buys it twice, as well as deducting the money twice. The thing is that the code to purchase the amount of...
  9. S

    Double keyboard press

    Hi there. So, anyone knows how to create a double keyboard check, for the same key. For example double key press vk_right or vk_left, this to do determinate action. Thanks for read :)
  10. K12gamer

    Windows Prevent accidental Double Loading of exes...

    I make educational games for my 1st grade students. I taught them how to double click to start games...but sometimes they get impatient and click several more times...This causes a game to load multiple a point where it can freeze my PC. Is there a way to prevent this in GM...