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    GMS 2 [SOLVED]How to make a proper double jump?

    So I am trying to make my character to double jump, but I either make him only jump once or jump for as many times as they want. Here is my code: jumps = 0; jumpsmax = 2; if(onGround) { jumps = jumpsmax; } if(jump && !jumpHold && jumps > 0) { jumps -= 1; ySpeed = jPower...
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    <SOLVED> How would I make my character perform a double jump?

    I want my character to have the ability to double jump, but I'm not sure how to go about it. This is my Step event: //Inputs //Inputs key_right = keyboard_check(ord ("D")); key_left = -keyboard_check(ord ("A")); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(ord ("W")); key_fall =...