double jump

  1. Abobey

    Double jump

    so i’m really new to GML well coding in general like i mean 3 days into it and i can’t figure out how to add double jump can someone give me a code for it and maybe explain it or just post it in the reply’s either is fine thank you.
  2. I

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]How to make a proper double jump?

    So I am trying to make my character to double jump, but I either make him only jump once or jump for as many times as they want. Here is my code: jumps = 0; jumpsmax = 2; if(onGround) { jumps = jumpsmax; } if(jump && !jumpHold && jumps > 0) { jumps -= 1; ySpeed = jPower...
  3. G

    Double Jump by shooting

    I'm trying to make it so when I shoot downwards, I get a blast upwards. I'm using the gun kickback mechanic from Shaun Spaldings' tutorial. But when I press both the jump key and the shoot key, my character jumps really high. Is there a way to fix this or set a limit to how high the character...
  4. Zakarum

    How to code the Air Jump ?

    Hi guys, I'm totally newbie to GML, so I'm trying to learn the rules to a correct coding. Before my ask, I wanna show you my code. I setted all the parameters for the directions also the jump. With this code I can perform a jump tapping the Up key and perform a long jump tapping the Up key and...
  5. L

    Double jump! ..while using variable jumping

    Hello. I'd like to add a double jump for my obj_player but i can't seem to make it work with the ledge assistance, jump input buffering and variable jumping i'm currently using. I'd like to have two jumps if i jump off the ground but only one jump if i walk off a platform. I'll send my create...
  6. R

    Please help with the double jump

    Can any one please help with the syntax, I am trying to make my player double jump with the letter 'W' if keyboard_check(ord('W')) && djump > 0 djump -= 1 vspeed += 8; if vspeed > 0 if vspeed < 9 if djump > 0 vspeed += 8
  7. G

    GML Unnecesary expresion DoubleJump used as a statement

    I want to set Double-Jump to my sprite and I get this error. My friend gave me his codes of "Double-Jump". He uses Game Maker Studio 1 and I use Game Maker Studio 2. He said the codes he gave me would serve on Game Maker Studio 2 and I get "Unnecesary expresion DoubleJump used as a statement...
  8. F

    Legacy GM double jump,wall jump,gravity

    I'm needing help with how or what i need to know on coding double jump,wall jump,gravity mechanics.
  9. sercan

    Physics double jump issue.

    Hi, I have an object that jumps with mouse click. I want to use physics world to do this. when the object is on the ground with applying impulse it is ok, it works. But I want to jump again when the object is still on the air. The problem is the second jumping level is not same as the first...
  10. M

    Double Jump help please.

    hi here guys ! GM newbie here :) i am trying to add double jump in my game. i saw some yt videos but their code is does't seem to be working for since i have a different code :( currently i manage to add a single jump here is my code what should i do to add a double jump ? kindly help...
  11. Jordan Robinson

    Easy Double Jump

    Easy Double Jump Jordan Robinson GM Version: 1.4.1757 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: I am creating this tutorial specifically because I have seen many people trying to do this with lots of variables or alarms. In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement the most...