1. IGameArt

    DopeFish - The Doom Loader - FREE

    DopeFish has been set FREE!! DopeFish is the only full GML Doom/Heretic map loading system for GMS2.3+ (so far as I'm aware) What does DopeFish do? Before we talk about that, let's talk about wads! Wad is a file format created by iD Software in 1993 for DOOM, and stands for "where's all the...
  2. G

    3D Mystery Doom Like Game

    Hi! I'm working on this Doom like mystery/horror game. It is still very early on, but I have some screenshots that look pretty cool, and I thought I'd share them :) The premise of the game right now is that you're exploring a giant mansion that goes on almost forever and you have to unlock a...
  3. IGameArt

    Rexx Stone: Doomlike 3D FPS

    Take control of Sergeant Rexx Stone as he blazes through hordes of aliens hell bent on the total annihilation of The Milky Way galaxy! A dash of Doom, with a pinch of Duke Nukem, a light sprinkling of Blake Stone, and baked at 420 degrees for 66 hours and 6 minutes while Kung Fury plays on...
  4. D

    Alpha Tower of the 9 Kings [3D] [fantasy FPS]

    Welcome to 'Tower of the 9 Kings', also known as T9K this is an oldschool FPS without guns, so maybe a FPSlasher? Its like if Zelda and Doom had a very pixelated baby. procedurally generated levels. -this will be improved in future updates runs in fullscreen without keeping aspect ratio -this...
  5. Jase217

    3D Doomlike FPS (Worth continuing?)

    EDIT: So I've decided I will finish the game (Probably), a big update is on the way. I've worked on this for a little while, however I'm not sure If I should continue, I've lost a little motivation and interest as this may be a bit ambitious in the long run with what I had planned for this...
  6. S

    Job Offer - Audio Payed Looking for music for my game

    Hello so i am looking for music for my game i need something dark and suspenseful im drawing a lot of inspiration from doom and there is a bit of a syfi feel to the game im also looking for something with a 16bit sound think doom on the snes or sega if your interested let me know
  7. C

    Boom: Hell on Moon

    I'm making a gameboy-styled first person shooter in GMS2. So far so good, it was hard for me to figure out the rendering after making so many things with the D3D functions but I think I am finally comfortable with it. It's a spiritual successor to JW's Boom game which I now realise is over 7...
  8. D

    3D [3D FPS] Sprite rotation in relation to direction and camera

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a FPS that uses sprites instead of 3D models to represent NPC's (like it was done in Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Hexen etc). The sprites of one NPC represent 4 different directions. The basic formula for calculating what sprite to show the camera is the following: NPC...
  9. S

    [RESOLVED] 3d doom sprite space time distortion graphical error thingy

    Hello world! (moslty gamemaker forums) im using the old fps tutorial mark overmars wrote to make a short 3d adventure game, but pretty much every graphic is just that sprite-on-a-wall-facing-the-camera trick, aka doom sprites. iv done this in earlier versions of gm and it worked, but theres...
  10. S

    Team Request BOOM 3D

    BOOM 3D is a game attempting to follow the same style as DOOM 3D. It will officially be 2D even though it will be rendered to appear 3D. I plan for it to either be a stealth-action FPS or a purely action based FPS. I am currently looking for an artist(nothing that hard just pixel art) and an...
  11. IGameArt

    Asset - Project GM WadLoader

    EARLY ACCESS WARNING: This product is still in development. By purchasing this asset you agree to support the further development of an asset that, in it's current state, is buggy, unoptimized, and feature incomplete. GM WadLoader is everything that you need to start developing 3d games using...
  12. Spam1985

    Doom-like shooter examples?

    What happened to all these? It's been a long time since I've used GameMaker and I've forgotten how to make a basic fps game. There used to be a first person shooter tutorial included with every version of GameMaker, not to mention tons of shooter examples that could be downloaded and modified...