1. IE Entertainment

    Non Gaming App!

    Hello, y’all! So I was asked to create a non gaming app for a potential client. They want a custom real estate app where their clients can download documents as well as sign and upload documents to a server. They also want the ability to view video content. Yes, I know this all sounds like it...
  2. punchbunny

    iOS iOS Deletes Save Files on OS Update

    Hi everyone, long time user, first time poster. I've started receiving reports with the last two iOS updates that my users' save files are being wiped out, with the app apparently reinstalling from scratch without saving anything from the 'Documents' folder. I was under the impression that the...
  3. Lumenflower

    Design How do you plan your game's development?

    I've often fallen into the trap myself of plunging straight into the heart of a game's development without properly planning ahead. This leads to a rapidly escalating level of complexity which leaves the project difficult to continue developing. I was always taught at school to plan my essays...
  4. C

    Game Files

    How would I make it so players can't go into game files and edit or manipulate sprites or objects to change the game? Some say just Right click on the File and select "Properties" and check mark the "Hidden" box. However I wanna make it so players can't just show the hidden files and edit them...