1. meltypixel

    GMS 2.3+ GMS 2.3 docs load slowly, some pages missing entirely

    Has anyone else had issues with the new documentation since version 2.3? I find myself using the old docs2 site for the most part because it loads faster and seems more complete. Like, I just tried to look up window_has_focus() in the new docs and it comes up with an error that says "
  2. F

    Question - IDE translated documentation online

    Hi! I'm french and I often help others fellow users of GameMaker with their problems. I often give them links to the official documentation but it is only in english and they often ask for the french version which they can access locally from their GameMaker IDE. Is there a way to access the...
  3. chaslinux

    Discussion Documentation suggestion

    Can I recommend adding text similar to "GameMaker uses BGR instead of RGB)" to the color documentation here: This came up when I was editing a sprite in GameMaker's image editor, which shows the...
  4. R

    GMS 2 What's in_collision_tree?

    So I was programming, and I noticed this built-in variable in_collision_tree. It isn't in the documentation, so does anyone have any idea what it is, what it does, and how to use it?
  5. gojirra

    YoYo, please allow us to contribute to the documentation.

    The documentation is often lacking small details. It would be nice if each page had a publicly visible ticket system where approved users could submit issues for things to be fixed or added.
  6. pipebkOT

     Please Fix the facebook extension tutorial document I'm not an expert in coding so correct me if i'm wrong , but i don't think that that's how ds_list_create works problem 1 it gives a wrong number of arguments for function ds_list_create...
  7. Annoyed Grunt

    GMS 2 Is the array reference accessor supposed to be used outside of scripts?

    For the longest time, I believed that the array reference accessor "@" would only work inside of scripts and would be useless outside of them. After reading around and doing some personal testing, it seems however that the behaviour described for scripts - arrays are passed as references in the...
  8. Pichu114

    Question - Code [SOLVED] Reliable UDP

    When reading the documentation on network_set_config, we came across the "reliable UDP protocol" that GameMaker apparently supports. This protocol claims to guarantee that packets find their destination, without extra code on your end. For complicated reasons, our project cannot use TCP, so this...
  9. Tony M

    iOS Help pages for IOS: Compiling your App appears to be missing or locked

    Hi all, I am trying to follow the help documentation for setting GameMaker Studio 2 for iOS. At the bottom of that page there is a link to another article called "iOS: Compiling Your App", unfortunately when I try to access that page it says I am not authorized. Any idea what may have happened...
  10. Cameron

    Legacy GM SOLVED:Documentation Offline

    Hi guys, I noticed today, for now at least, the online documentation is currently not available and it got me to wondering some things. 1) How long will the documentation be available online for and are there any plans to discontinue the online documentation now that GMS1.x has seen its sunset...
  11. C

    Unofficial Mobile GM Documentation link: Google Play Store link: There have been many times when I've wished to reference GML from my smartphone, but the documentation site isn't exactly mobile friendly and can be...
  12. J

    Android [SOLVED] Clarity on Required SDK

    Hey guys, I am able to get builds working, I just want to ensure that I interpreting this the correct way. On the Required SDK page it says the following: Android SDK Tools 28.0.0 I find this terminology a little misleading, as the Setting Up For Android documentation doesn't define this term...
  13. Devant

    Documentation error

    On the timeline_moment_add_script documentation page, the example is missing a ")" on the fifth line. Could someone please move this to the appropriate section? Thank you.
  14. Tsa05

     Suggestion: Add @requires as a JSDoc parameter.

    At present, I stick @requires into scripts that I intend to share whenever one depends on another in a set. It doesn't explicitly hurt anything, but it's also not officially supported in JSDoc Script Comments. If YYG would consider it, there's some benefits: In the short-term, being able to...
  15. U

    Idea I have a great game idea! But I don't know how to pitch it...

    Hi all, I have a game idea that I've been thinking about for some time now, and am just now starting to document it. Although I have a pretty clear vision of the game and its underlying systems, I just can't seem to figure out a pitch for the game, probably because I'm not certain of the target...
  16. RyanC

    Android os_version in documentation only shows up to KitKat

    Hi All, Does anyone know how I can find an updated list of os_version I'm trying to find the return value for Marshmallow. Any help appreciated!
  17. B

    GML Official GML naming conventions?

    Just curious to know if there is any form of official GML naming convention out there at all? Just thought this may be useful to have out there considering almost all other programming language have an official naming convention.
  18. H

    GML [VERIFY] Set shader uniform, what is current transform matrix?

    From the documentation shader_set_uniform_matrix, what is the "current transform matrix" referred to? Is it the top of the matrix stack?
  19. D

    Question - Code instance_create_layer() issues

    Hi all, I've been having some issues with instance_create_layer() and wanted to see if anyone else was also experiencing issues. Straight off it appears that there is a small typo on the documentation located here whereby the 'obj' for the final argument is written down as 'y'. The bigger issue...
  20. T

    Discussion Feature Request: GMS2 Documentation App

    With GMS1.x, one of my favorite pass times to do on my phone was peruse the documentation via the browser. However, even better would have been an app for easier navigation and reading. Now that GMS2 is out, and it seems the documentation is tied to the IDE (unless someone can show me the...