1. BigCat

    SOLVED Room Wrap & Physics

    Building a game with flappy bird style physics. IE: Each spacebar press causes a single flap. If the left key is held when a flap occurs, the instance adds momentum at a 135 degree angle. Or, if holding the right key - a single flap adds momentum at a 45 degree angle. With gravity turned...
  2. P

    Legacy GM [Solved] Graphics Worsen After Changing Rooms

    Hey guys, I'm making a shmup that, so far, really only has one level. I recently made a title screen, but when I use the Change Room or Next Room action, the sprites for the one level's objects are in a lower resolution compared to how they look when I have the level play as the game starts...
  3. A

    A "How To" Guide for DND

    I'm a Game Maker neophyte and was wondering if there is a "how to" guide for DND. The manual is a great resource, but I am looking for something more along the lines of a resource in which I can search for a particular feature I want to add (i.e. a text box where the player can put in their...
  4. D

    Collisions with DnD

    Hey lads, I'm developing a basic DnD platform tutorial and I was wondering if there was a clean way to handle collisions without using the SOLID option in DnD. With script, it's much cleaner with if (place_meeting...), but I have no idea how to do this in DnD. Also, how would you guys handle...
  5. GuggleIt

    Cant Create Executable File GM2 DnD

    Hey, I'm new to GM2 and the community, so forgive me if this post is not in the right category. I'm trying to execute a file from GM2, DnD on a Mac. I have a license for both Mac and Windows for 12 months. When I tried to execute the file, I got this error message in Output: error: The...
  6. Qing Donnie Yoshi

    Pac-Man Movements

    OK so I almost got the Pac-Man movement down I just need a lil help with him moving into new junctions. Does anyone know how to only have Pac-Man move to a selected direction without going into the wall, like a wall detection code or specific movement code? much appreciated it you do.
  7. C

    Drag And Drop Auto Tile In-Game

    I am currently using DnD to see how GML works, so I would greatly appreciate if any answers given use that format and pictures would be incredibly helpful, as I am a very visually-oriented learner. I have created a tile set with an auto tile library. What I am hoping to do is program an object...
  8. Shizuky

    SOLVED: Scaling a created object

    Hi , I wanted to create an object in room but I want it to be bigger and tried it with this code: instance_create_layer(320,320,"Text",oPlayer){ image_xscale=3 image_yscale=3 } I thought it will scale the object to be...
  9. iTypewriter

    GMS 2 Random Rooms

    Whats up Gamers, i need help with something. I need a way to randomize the backgrounds. For context, I've set the backgrounds as instances just so it'll be easier to manipulate. Each of the backgrounds are objects. I need a way to make multiple rooms, and a random cycle through the different...
  10. iTypewriter

    GMS 2 Sprite Change

    So, I'm making a simple brawler, similar to the original Street Fighter, but with a spin based on the show Hunter x Hunter. i have a character that uses a defense-up, and I'm trying to make the right mouse button activate the defense-up, with a 10 second cool-down. At the moment, the main sprite...
  11. Doulos

    GMS 2 Path generation without V shapes or X crosses.

    I am creating random paths of a specified length in a rectangle. The goal is a dynamic tower defense map. (ie, there is a path for the bad guys to follow, and space in between paths to put towers.) I have a mostly working Path generator. Generally speaking, a path is created without a major...
  12. Unkn0wn

    player only shoots to the right, camera doesn't follow player, enemy won't follow player (error)

    Hello and thank you for reading this post! I'm terribly sorry that these questions are probably really dumb! I am making a 2d zombie shooting game as a project for school, but I'm not very good with GameMaker studio 2, in fact, I'm a complete noob.. I'm using Drand and Drop, but sometimes I use...
  13. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM GM:S 1.4 DnD bug causing actions to become <undefined>

    I found a bug related to the DnD actions in GameMaker Studio 1.4.9999 I regularly have to deal with a certain bug, and it has happened so often that I now recognize it, including some causes and consequences I don't know (yet) on what point this bug starts, but whenever it starts, all DnD of...
  14. M

    GMS 2 Can you make an "if and if" type of code (dnd)

    Might sound a bit confusing, but can you make something like this. If left not pressed, AND if right not pressed, AND if up not pres... e.t.c. In DnD please! Bit of a noob question. Whatever. (Edit: if you need more context don't be afraid to ask :D) (Edit 2: never mind figured it out)
  15. SimtaBoket

    Drag And Drop Need some help with DnD (Newbie)

    Hi guys I've decided to make a game in GM, and I'm finding myself struggling with the DnD. Problem 1 : Want the player to stop moving when a text box is shown. Problem 2 : "E" for more text. (I already got the text box and text to show on collision with the player, and managed to use DnD to...
  16. L

    Windows Currently I am unable to run my game on GMS2

    HI EVERYONE! I recently bought the "GameMaker Studio 2 Creator Windows" (I do not know if this has effected anything or not) and ever since then I have had troubles with running my game. I have viewed and taken advice from other threads where they advised to run GMS2 as admin, I've made sure...
  17. med khounti

    multi touch for phones GMS2 DND help!!

    hello GMS devs, i want to know how to add multi touch for phone screens because i have multi buttons may be used at the same time i'm using drag and drop as u see in the picture bellow i don't know what to do !
  18. matharoo

    Drag And Drop Introduction to IF Conditions (DnD) [GMS2]

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: undefined Links: undefined Summary: An introductory tutorial about conditions, for beginners, done in Drag & Drop. Tutorial:
  19. Slyddar

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop Platformer Series

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: A detailed tutorial series on creating a platformer using traditional hsp/vsp collision methods, but implemented in drag and drop. It will eventually cover collision code, states, enemies, basic tiling, parallax scrolling...
  20. K

    GMS2 DND - Need help with Create Instance Random

    I am somewhat new to GM & GMS2. I've used GM 8.1 DnD in the past to teach a high school video game design class. I just switched over to GMS2 DnD and am having trouble translating my old tutorials to the new language. Previously we were able to use the 'Create Instance of a Random Object'...