1. B

    DND Platformer Tutorial Bug

    Hi, I'm new here so bear with me. I'm doing the DND platformer tutorial and on the first video i get a bug that doesn't allow the game to run. In the description of the video on youtube he mentions stuff has changed with 2.3, so now you have to add a new "declare new function code block" but i'm...
  2. M

    I can't get collision working on DND

    I have watched alot of DND collision turtorials but it still doesn't, work i can still walk trough objects and get no collisions. Can sombody please help me?
  3. R

    Windows The code written on the instance in the room is locked as DnD and cannot be saved

    This BUG only appears in the code on the instance of some rooms, not in the Scripts in the resource tree. The GML I wrote a long time ago has become DnD, and right-clicking to convert to GML has NO EFFECT. "Use DnD as default" in the main options has been kept closed, and has nothing to do...
  4. sivispacem

    SOLVED Draw Instance Score - prints double (overlapping) text

    ---If you duplicated your room, ensure you do not have more than one persistent object placed in more than one room.--- Thank you to @TheouAegis, @Slow Fingers for the assistance. As the title suggests, I have been following the "Space Rocks" tutorial and all parts of the game work as the...
  5. IVqi

    SOLVED Stick a sprite to the player

    Hello guys, i just started to use Gamemaker and im following the video tutorial to create asteroid. Anyway, as im following the tutorial, im taking more steps to improve the game, like creating custom sprites and adding more elements and particles. I have my "player" spaceship : (moving and...
  6. Vredniuka

    GMS 2.3+ Default from DND to GML?

    I started my project, unfortunately, in DND a while ago. But now I know enough code that I want everything in GML by default. In previous version of GM2 my instance Creation Code used to come up in GML by default, but now it's DnD and it's annoying to have ot use Execute Code tool to do some...
  7. D

    Issues with DND with Creation Code

    I am working with my class on a Gamemaker Platformer game and we are wanting to drag and drop into the creation code. When I click and drag onto the creation code, nothing happens? How do you fix this or is anyone else having issues with it? Thanks. Version 2.3 of Studio.
  8. T

    Drag And Drop Issues in my pokemon battle DND

    So im trying to make a pokemon battle using Drag n Drop. But the thing is: i want to be able to open fight menu when the black cursor is on that position (FIGHT) and when id press the button Z. But i have no idea how to do dis. Also i tried to do this: didnt work either
  9. J

    GMS 2 (DnD) DoConv :1: illegal undefined/null use

    I'm pretty new to game design, and programming specifically, so I'm hoping these types of problems will make more sense to me as time goes on. As of today, all the scripting and "argument" and "target" stuff feels a little more familiar, but it all gets me jumbled up if something doesn't go...
  10. Slyddar

    Transitions - DND and GML

    GM Version: 2.25 Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: GML - https://youtu.be/JGnZJh63BtM Drag and Drop - https://youtu.be/in4pwniAqcI Summary: Here’s a dual Drag and Drop and GML tutorial on creating a cool transition effect, which you can use in any of your games. It’s all contained in...
  11. Official Cody Productions

    Drag And Drop Can't Shoot?

    Hey So I'm working on a little game for me and my nephews and I'm probably gonna publish it. You play as 2 Players 1 good 1 evil. The Good one moves with WASD and Shoots with Spacebar while the other one moves with arrow keys and shoots with enter. I don't know how to make them shoot? Good...
  12. Y

    Drag And Drop Convert to DnD

    Hi This is more of just a general question about Dnd code. Is there a limit to the number of times I can swap from Dnd to GMstudio code, and generally as long as my code is valid will it always work? Thanks Paul
  13. D

    Question - D&D Paste Blocks to top instead of bottom?

    Is there a way to change where the blocks are placed when pasting into the DnD event window? Right now it puts them at the very bottom of the event, but I commonly find myself wanting them at the top so they are ran first. Is there a way to change this default or request the option be added...
  14. Official Cody Productions

    Drag And Drop Hey Guy's Please Help

    So I created this where when you pick up your gun you can shoot (ofc) and it won't shoot Please Help and see if you can help me fix this thanks Edit: I have relative turned on put still wont work
  15. I

    GMS 2 How to recreate a depth value.

    I hope this is the right forum for this. I have some familiarity with GMS1 from my youth so I bought GMS2. With my main aspirations being the creation of a psudo3D game which utilized the depth feature in the Drag&Drop. I have seen some murmurings of a way to use a depth function within the...
  16. Z

    GMS 2 Basic GML, names of build in variables, and How To make some things in GML that I already know how in DnD

    Hello there I'm just starting with GML so there are many things I don't know, but I suppose it should not be so hard if I already can make many things with DnD This is are the things I want to know: .How do reffer to the "key A"? I know that for left or right you use vk_left or right, but if I...
  17. B

    Drag And Drop (GML explanation works as well) Some terminology clarification and automaticaly reading instance names

    For example inst_36147D42, inst_14B84C93, inst_173083D5, are these the names of the instance, or what are they called if not? For now I'll write assuming they are. If we have multiple rooms, and in each room there are 3 instances of object A, as well as 1 instance of object B, and I want the...
  18. R

    Create a Rope Swing/Grapple Using DND

    Hey GMC! So this is my first post within the GMC. I am currently working on a GM platformer project for one of my classes using DND, and I would really like to incorporate a grapple ability for my player character, but I am not sure how to go about this or even where to start. I have seen...
  19. L

    Windows Making a room fullscreen.

    I'm new to this and I've been trying to look for tutorials but there isn't anything I can seem to find about making a room fit the size of the player's screen. What can I do for this to make this work? I'm using DnD in case I can simply use that but I can always use code for it if needed!