1. mbeytekin

    It gives this error while building. 'The given version [9] is not supported, only version 1 to 8 is supported in this build. '

    I think it's because of a DLL I'm using, but I compile all my DLLs in Visual Studio 2019. But when I activate only one, I get this error and the app is already crashing. I've searched the internet for this message but haven't been able to find the exact reason. Please can someone help?
  2. KironDevCoder

    SOLVED DLL throws 0xc000012f at me.

    I'm working on a custom opensource modding language called Axocudo. The DLL works perfectly fine in the unit test (in the source code referred to as Sandbox), but throws three of these 0xc000012f errors at me (probably because I'm calling 3 of the functions.) Why is this happening? I'm using...
  3. V

    SOLVED [FFI] Calling GML function from DLL

    Hi, I am trying to create a library on Windows and the thing I need is to pass the function pointer as argument and then call it from my DLL. I've managed to build the working DLL with some test functions, but I can't figure out how to pass that pointer. The thing I tried was...
  4. EvanSki

    SOLVED What data type are strings in Game Maker Studio 2? | Convert const char* to const wchar_t*

    Yes yes, string is string. But let me explain. I want to pass a string from Game Maker to a .dll The .dll wants a LPCWSTR ( Long Pointer to Constant Wide String ) type string just passing gm strings to the dll gives me this Now "This is text" is not, what ever that is. Now i can do string...
  5. mbeytekin

    Screen flickering when using an OPENGL based DLL

    I have a DLL that I wrote in C ++ that processes an image and sends it back to Gamemaker. This DLL is OpenGL based.The image comes on, but it flickers constantly.I tried something like this; If I use display_reset at every step, it doesn't flicker, but of course it causes memory leak.Also, if I...
  6. mbeytekin

    GMS 2.3+ Vertex Buffer to ID3D11ShaderResourceView... is that possible?

    I want to send an image from Gamemaker for a DLL that I have prepared in c ++. The DLL image processing is running in the format ID3D11ShaderResourceView. So I need to somehow send a surface or sprite texture in Gamemaker to the DLL as a buffer address in ID3D11ShaderResourceView format. I...
  7. E

    Why does using a function from my own extension, make the game to freeze for a short time?

    As title says: Why does the use of a function of my own extension cause the game to freeze for a short time and how it can be solved? This is weird, because using an external function is faster (in windows for example, using a .dll, is at least 10 times faster), but i don't know how to fix...
  8. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ Form controls

    I found this. https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?members/blueburn.711/ In terms of form controls, this is exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. Textboxes, file menu, listboxes etc. I'm trying to find out how this was achieved. 1) Can you connect to a library of sort DLL maybe? 2)...
  9. TheRudolfGaming

    SOLVED DLL issues.

    Hey! Alright, so this'll probably end up being a simple issue, but I've hit a dead end, and I'm seriously stumped. I haven't worked with DLLs and Extensions before. I'm currently trying to import Dissonance (Discord Rich Presence) into my project for obvious reasons. I've looked at the example...
  10. EvanSki

    SOLVED Need help with Resizing Swap chain, V-sync error, maybe an issue with .DLL?

    Alright so This is what im doing, I have a .dll that allows me to access and call windows OS functions, displaying popups, opening and closing the cd tray, ect.. When I call the cd tray to open or close, Game maker hangs and pauses until the cd tray is ready for a command. notice how the...
  11. V

    SOLVED Creating an external DLL for GMS in Rust

    Hi, some time ago I've made a pretty bad DLL for reading only ASCII symbols from any file in C/C++ and it is working just fine, but now I was wondering if it could be possible in another language, for example Rust. I menaged to compile simple DLL example printing "Hello, World!" written in Rust...
  12. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Sending a surface or buffer to a C++ DLL and getting processed image from it to a surface or buffer back

    I'm trying to send a surface to dll and process it in DLL, and after this get this processed image back. I tried send surface as buffer (argument as double) but it's not working. My mean goal is using opencv library in C++. Anyone can help please ?
  13. PhenomenalDev

    Legacy GM Attempting to use Fortran dll with GMS1, having issues

    I have produced a dll with gfortran that performs a basic function (shown below) and have attempted to write code to interface with it but I get the classic 'error defining external function' when I attempt to define a function from it and I'm not sure why. I know the function is exposed as I've...
  14. C

    Windows Full-Screen Initialization Failure

    Whenever I launch my fullscreen game, if I Alt+Tab out, click anything on my other monitor, or otherwise just shift "focus" onto another program, my game will minimize. When I pull the game back up, it has failed to actually "fullscreen." It looks like a large border-less window with an inch or...
  15. C

    Legacy GM Looking for a fast game maker 8 screen capture dll

    I need a screen capture dll for game maker 8 or earlier. I have found one while digging around in "web.archive.org" but sadly isn't fast enough for my game/program thing. Note that i am looking for a dll that captures the entire screen and not just the window :)
  16. Bawat

    Windows Asynchronous C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: Windows Only Download: https://www.bawat.net/downloads/GameMakerStudioResources/DLLExampleUsage.yyz Links: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/getting-started-with-c-dll-extension-creation-in-eclipse.73728/ Links...
  17. Bawat

    GMS 2 Getting started with C++ DLL Extension creation in Eclipse

    With the aim of getting improved performance, I set out on the odyssey to create a .DLL extension in C++. With no up to date resources on how to get this set up properly, and little memory of C++ it took me 2 days to get GMS2 and the DLL to communicate. The two goals of this guide and it's...
  18. Joe Ellis

    GM Community DLL Collection/Discussion

    Hi everyone, I've started this thread as a way for people to share and discuss dll's they've made with everyone. I started the thread a couple of weeks ago to share my anisotropic filtering and external texture loader dll, but I've changed the title as I wanted it to be a more general thread...
  19. Sammi3

    Should Dlls always return a value?

    I wasted perhaps almost half a day trying to debug my dll crashing (I even built a tool during that time that can compile GameMaker projects from the terminal so that I could run my game from vscode so that I could attach a debugger to see what was happening in the dll). The return value in...
  20. DukeSoft

    Discussion HRESULT: 0x80070057 / vertex_create_buffer_from_buffer / DLL buffer generation

    Just FYI - Since runtime 2.2.4 I've had issues where I got this message pop up: Win32 function failed: HRESULT: 0x80070057 Call: GR_D3D_Device->CreateBuffer at line 294 in file \VertexBuilderM.cpp and my vertex buffers were empty. My projects generates buffers through a DLL - GM creates...