1. zendraw

    GMS 2 place_meeting VS place_empty

    why wuld you use place meeting and not place empty? they seem to be pretty much the same thing. whats the diffrence?
  2. zendraw

    Discussion What i dont like about GMS2

    Im making this thread becouse of weird design choises from yoyo which hopefully theyll fix and make the IDE more adequate. for now: - when you double press on a text, it selects everythng after the text typer not before it, this is most alien to me and unnatural, litteraly no software i have...
  3. S

    Discussion Skip events on Layer (A pause feature)

    A suggestion for a new feature in Game Maker Studio 2 The ability to enable and disable (or skip over) certain events of instances in a layer. Why? Recently when researching and implementing my own pause function I noticed that its a topic many struggle with. It seem that pausing your game...
  4. zendraw

    Game Mechanics [Discussion]Collision codes

    so recently ive wrote a collision code that i find most functional and light then anything ive seen. Collision code that deals with instances and is not grid based, thus giving you maximum freedom of usage. this is the code var ins=instance_place(x+x_speed, y, o_block); if...
  5. EvanSki

    GMS1.4 and GMS2 Performance Discussion

    First off all Idk if this is the right place for this but I wanted to get people's thoughts, and knowlage about the inner workings of the Game Maker engines, like How many objects can each of them have running all at once before you have memory leaks or crashes? And which has better performance?
  6. N

    Key shortcuts and comfortably

    Hell0 Werld, I am currently making a Platform game and I would like a general discussion between people detailing their preference in Platform controls and quick keys for the following: - Jump - Attack - Health Potion Here are my current controls: - Jump: [UP] - Run: [LEFT/RIGHT] -...
  7. M

    Discussion Simple Game Ideas

    Hello all, I'm very new to GameMaker and I'm not very good at it yet and I feel like the best way to learn is to create things and explore the possibilities. What I'm asking from you is to give me simple game ideas to just test my limits. Not a full out game, just simple things that I can try to...
  8. Maelstrom98

    I think we are being used for something. Through ideologies.

    I think western society is becoming engineered to make us think and act in certain ways. Do you notice it? When you look around you and really have a good ponder? All these ideologies being spread around. Some of them may seem stupid to you, or even self destructive. Yet, there are people out...
  9. SnotWaffle Studios

    Role Playing Platformer Discussion

    Hi guys, I've been working on a platformer RPG recently and have been getting tons of ideas from different games, books, and movies. My game is heading in a direction where new abilities are acquired throughout the story that allow more mechanics and maneuvers, maybe opening up possibilities in...
  10. CardinalCoder64


    I'm asking the same question on Reddit so I figured I'd bring it to the forums to hear your thoughts and opinions. Define "video game" in your own words. EDIT: As I was engaged in deep thought during the posting of this thread, I realize I was asking a stupid question lol. My mistake.
  11. Murr_

    Legacy GM [Help/Inputs] RPG Turn-based movement paths?

    Now the title may not provide any info, but here's what i'm basically trying to ask. Example: http://imgur.com/IC01WZN { Mario & Luigi: dream Team } What method would be used to achieve turn-based pathing; after the character selects his opponent(oEnemy), he walks towards oEnemy, proceeds to...
  12. Posho

    Techniques for Better Loading

    Hello, I want to discuss better ways for loading assets within games themselves or while they're being played. I am working on two projects at the moment, but I'm having frame drop issues. For example: Game A has a system that turns SWF files with various frames into textures when needed...
  13. Misu

    Discussion E3 2017

    We are right on the corner of our beloved big event that we cannot attend because we cant afford the round trip along with tickets. That is correct! The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 (June 13-15)! This year seems big, although my opinions feel like the surprises might be the usual we know...
  14. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL Advanced Programming Discussion Forum Rules

    This forum is a closed forum for those members that wish to discuss advanced programming techniques. To get access to this forum you must contact me via Personal Message and request permission to post. Once permission has been granted you will be able to use this part of the forum the same as...
  15. R

    Legacy GM General queries about APIs

    Hi everyone! Apologies if this is the wrong spot (this is more of a general discussion query than a problem), I figured seeing as it relates to programming and the technical side of things this forum was the best spot to start! I was just wondering if APIs are generally applicable / able to be...
  16. Misu

    You're shrinking and can't stop!...

    One day, you woke up and you realize you are continuously shrinking, non-stop. You are getting several micrometers smaller by the second. what would you do?
  17. D

    Music for a game

    Anyone know anywhere that I can find some free usable music for my game? Looking for sound effects and some upbeat platformer jams
  18. V

    Why is game maker considered to be "bad" tool?

    Yeah, it does have cheesy name and it's easier to use then c++ or javascript, but it's for making games, does it really matters which program is harder to use when all it really matters is the quality of the product. So why so many people think game maker is ****ty? Hyperlight drifter, Deaths...
  19. R

    Is anyone not switching to GMS2?

    I have recently joined the GMS2 beta, and I honestly haven't felt a strong need to switch over. I'm not sure if I'll eventually have a change of heart, though, considering I was pretty stubborn to leave GameMaker 8. I'm just curious to see if there are any of you that plan to continue using...
  20. Alice

    GMC Jam Discussion The Humble GMC Jam #2 Discussion Thread

    Is anybody here? No? Well, whatever, I'll just leave it here. It's not like anybody cares, is it- THEME: DECONSTRUCTION YOU ARE NOT THE HERO POINT OF NO RETURN FINAL RESULTS HERE What, where, when? GMC Jam is a quarterly community event held on GameMaker Community. It is entirely a...