1. YamboGames

    Question about the Discount system

    I own the Creator edition of GMS2 and I know that I can upgrade to the developer version and get a discount of 20% when upgrading. Can I combine this 20% with the other 20% of the discount that is offered right now? Thank you in advance! Yambo
  2. Adam Mansour

    GMS 2 20% Discount .. but where??

    Am I doing something wrong? Because I was waiting for a discount all the time and now that its here, I can't find it X)
  3. Dropsuitcaptain

    Discussion My discount for gms2

    I heard that if you own gm1 pro then you get a 40% discount but when I go to the checkout I don't see a discount. Was the discount temporary and I missed it or do I just not have one? Don't know if this is the right spot to post this sorry if its not.
  4. S

    Main site not giving me an upgrade option for GMS 2

    Hey there, I'm a Game Maker Studio 1.4 user who just downloaded and installed the trial version of GMS 2. I saw the upgrade discount for GMS 1.4 users who wish to upgrade to GMS 2, and tried to upgrade, however each time I try adding GMS 2's Desktop version to my cart like the upgrade tutorial...
  5. C

    Question - IDE If I have only the Android export module?

    If I have only the Android export module from G.M.S 1.4( I don't have the IOS module), will I get a discount for the G.M.S 2 Mobile module(Android+IOS)?
  6. cdgamedev

    Discussion Upgrade From Steam Version says that you can upgrade Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 for a discounted price. Was wondering if this will include the Steam Version of the game or not. Thanks, Callum