1. H

    Windows Shadow Child

    Shadow Child is a challenging puzzle action platformer that will bring many hours of difficult levels, challenges, and surprises. Spend time finishing and completing over 135 levels that get harder and harder as you move forward. Shadow child on Shadow child on Gamejolt Shadow Child...
  2. YamboGames

    Question about the Discount system

    I own the Creator edition of GMS2 and I know that I can upgrade to the developer version and get a discount of 20% when upgrading. Can I combine this 20% with the other 20% of the discount that is offered right now? Thank you in advance! Yambo
  3. Adam Mansour

    GMS 2 20% Discount .. but where??

    Am I doing something wrong? Because I was waiting for a discount all the time and now that its here, I can't find it X)
  4. D

    Discussion My discount for gms2

    I heard that if you own gm1 pro then you get a 40% discount but when I go to the checkout I don't see a discount. Was the discount temporary and I missed it or do I just not have one? Don't know if this is the right spot to post this sorry if its not.
  5. S

    Main site not giving me an upgrade option for GMS 2

    Hey there, I'm a Game Maker Studio 1.4 user who just downloaded and installed the trial version of GMS 2. I saw the upgrade discount for GMS 1.4 users who wish to upgrade to GMS 2, and tried to upgrade, however each time I try adding GMS 2's Desktop version to my cart like the upgrade tutorial...
  6. C

    Question - IDE If I have only the Android export module?

    If I have only the Android export module from G.M.S 1.4( I don't have the IOS module), will I get a discount for the G.M.S 2 Mobile module(Android+IOS)?
  7. cdgamedev

    Discussion Upgrade From Steam Version says that you can upgrade Studio 1.4 to Studio 2 for a discounted price. Was wondering if this will include the Steam Version of the game or not. Thanks, Callum