1. brinycann0nade

    Windows Discord calls (and maybe Skype calls) cause run delays ("setting scheduler resolution to 1")

    My projects are small and compile rather fast but if I'm in a discord voice call (and maybe Skype), it causes the compile to hang for about 10 extra seconds and it says "setting scheduler resolution to 1" in the output window. I understand some larger projects take a long time to compile but if...
  2. Mercerenies

    Discord Games

    Discord Games This place has been existing in the shadows for a bit, but we're finally officially announcing our existence to the community at large. If you like play-by-post forum games, then you'll feel right at home on our Discord Games server. We're a community of gamers who like casual...
  3. Misu

    Welcome to Misu's Hidden Alley (Fixed link)

    In these days of quarantine and boredom, life calls for... 🌺 Misu's Hidden Alley🦋 🌈A special place to ****post, fool around feel safe and share time. If you have discord, hop in! If you dont, get one because why not?
  4. B

    Windows [SOLVED] Can you do Discord RPC with GMS 2?

    If you can do Discord RTS, please give me a guide, if one exists.
  5. Jochum

    Discord API? Is there any?

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a Clicker game and I need to add some sort of Discord API to the game. Does anyone know if there's any way to connect Discord with your game? I need to connect things like, name, server roles, etc. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Jochum
  6. babyjeans

    Asset - Extension Dissonance - Discord Rich Presence

    Dissonance is no way created by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Discord. Dissonance is built on discord-rpc. Available for Windows and MacOS! Demo and Purchase at itch.io! Note: When using the Example, you'll most likely have to manually add Dissonance Demo to Discord. (And make sure you're...
  7. Perseus

    GMC Jam Discord Server

    GMC Jam Discord Server DISCLAIMER: This chat isn't moderated, supported or endorsed in any way by YoYo Games. It is run and moderated solely by the community volunteers responsible for running the GMC Jam on the forums. I decided to setup a Discord server for every GMC Jam enthusiast who might...
  8. Kealor

    Alpha Pure Blood: A Metroidvania Hack & Slash

    Welcome Thanks for checking this project out and i hope to pique your interest! To get access to to the most recent version of the demo check out the discord link at the bottom. We appreciate any and all advice or criticism as we have quite a long journey ahead of us! Overview Purity of Blood...
  9. ramos

    Discussion Discord indie chat room

    Hello If anyone is into discord , i made a indie game dev chat room for posting game screenshots and exchanging ideeas with other devs : https://discord.gg/nnEQ3da Nothing big just somting to connect