1. L

    Text disappears when Pausing

    Hey guys, when I pause the game while the text is still progressing, everything works fine. But when I pause it after the text has finished typing out, it disappears. This happens even when I start the room with textprogress at a really high value and it happens when the text would have finished...
  2. W

    SOLVED GameMaker Studio 2 Black Screen on Launching Game

    Hello good night everyone, I'm having trouble running any project I create on GameMakerStudio2. It always worked normally, until yesterday when I went to open a project that I'm working on and during the process I went to run the room, but the new object that I had added to the project didn't...
  3. Arkanio

    Particles don't want to disappear instantly

    Using Game Maker Studio 2 ok for a little bit of context i'm doing a game of puzzle where you have to switch between dimension to get to impossible places and since there is particle in dimension 1 when you switch of dimension (dimension 2) we can see the particle disappear but slowly and i...
  4. JapanGamer29

    GMS 2 Object disappearing [SOLVED]

    I just want to post this in case anybody else has the same problem. I had an object disappearing for seemingly no reason. I wasn't destroying it or changing rooms. It just stopped running. By checking to see if it still existed, I realized it didn't! In my search for an answer I came across...
  5. Coded Games

    GMS 2 Surfaces not being recreated after freed.

    So in my game, cards are made from two surfaces. A front surface which contains the card text, art, etc and a second back surface which just draws the black background of the card. Sometimes these surfaces need to be changed, for example when a card is fused, so I free both surfaces and...
  6. Bladevampirek

    I need my character to come on screen every 5 minutes.

    Hey guys, I am designing a point & click interface program, It is currently mostly built with drag & drop functions, but I wouldn't mind using some codes if it's necessary, it's fixed where users can flip through it and read a lot of information. Every 5 minutes, I want my character to run...
  7. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Gapes between 32x32 tiles when running the game while they are perfectly placed in32x32 grid

    As you can see the image left looks good, but the image right has a line where you can see the background of the room through the wooden floor sprites which I out of course not want. the sprites fit perfectly since they are 32x32 and tiled with a 32x32 grid, it should acctually not happen to...
  8. R

    Disappearing and Reappearing Obstacles!

    Hello GM Community! I am trying to create disappearing and reappearing obstacles for my game, but I have no clue how to make them reappear after I destroy the object. Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!