1. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Surface_get_texture or sprite_get_texture() what is its format? Opengl or DirectX or Is it specific to GameMaker?

    I wonder what format the pointer and content we got with surface_get_texture. I think it is in openGL format since we can send it directly to shaders. The reason I'm asking this is that I can't get the result I want when I send it as a pointer to the options to get directx texture or OpenGL...
  2. mbeytekin

    GMS 2.3+ Vertex Buffer to ID3D11ShaderResourceView... is that possible?

    I want to send an image from Gamemaker for a DLL that I have prepared in c ++. The DLL image processing is running in the format ID3D11ShaderResourceView. So I need to somehow send a surface or sprite texture in Gamemaker to the DLL as a buffer address in ID3D11ShaderResourceView format. I...
  3. Joe Ellis

    C++ Help Needed - Direct X Rendering FVF Vertex Buffers Shaders External Texture Managment

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project to do with replacing some of the d3d rendering functions, such as vertex_submit, using shaders, and external texture management through a dll If anyone wants to help it would be much appreciated, I can even pay you (around £200) to complete what I've...
  4. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Graphics Utilities (extending GameMaker's graphics library)

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire...s Utilities.exe Marketplace link: GameMaker's library of graphics functions has its limits. Fundamental things like blend modes, surfaces and shaders are far from fully customizable. Graphics Utilities can give you access to some of...