1. Clinton Wheeler

    Mouse direction in 3D && camera direction

    Hi All, I am having an issue with the game I'm developing. I want the character to move towards the mouse pointer in 3D space, I am using the script I found on the GMC: var _x = tde_aspect_ratio * dtan( tde_cam_fov /2 ) * (2 * window_mouse_get_x() / window_get_width() - 1); var _y =...
  2. Sammi3

    Using a GameMaker Texture in a DirectX11 dll

    I have a dll that uses directx11 and I wanted to get a texture (sprite_get_texture, surface_get_texture, ...) as an ID3D11ShaderResourceView so that it can be manipulated on the dll side. Is this possible? I thought those functions gave us pointers to a directx resource or are they a local...
  3. N

    Windows Player can't find Direct3D 9ex

    Hi, When I attempt to run a game in GameMaker Studio, an error pops up that it can't find Direct3D 9ex. I have tried with multiple games and also a blank room and all come up the same error. My Windows origionally had DirectX 11 which should do the job but I installed DirectX 9.0c which...