1. D

    Gamemaker and Gamemaker two difference?

    What is the difference between Gamemaker and Gamemaker two coding? is it exactly the same, also is it easy to transfer old projects to the new game maker two?? Thanks
  2. 2

    GMS 2 Cameras: Advantages to New Camera vs. Modifying Default Camera Views?

    What are the advantages of creating a camera instead of simply finding what camera the view is using then modifying it's size or position or other properties? What could I do with the 1st method, but not the 2nd method? What does creating a new camera like this allow... Create Event...
  3. 2

    DS Grid vs 2d Array: Speed and 4 other Questions

    1. Which is faster a DS grid or 2d array? 2. Which are local or global? 3. Which need to be destroyed before destroying the object that made them, to free up memory? 4. Which are persistent/nonpersistent? 5. Which take more memory?
  4. N

    GML [SOLVED] Track angle dif for drag and swing sword

    I have a sword with angle approaching a point_direction at mouse. What I want is, when I click the mouse I can start drag its angle and when I release the mouse, the sword swing approach the angle stored at the start (when the mouse clicked.) Then starts again. I do drag from angle 5 to -5 but...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 get difference between two velocity's?

    can someone tell me how to get the velocity difference between vecA and vecB? var _bullet_spd = 2 var _movex = lengthdir_x(speed, direction) var _movey = lengthdir_y(speed, direction) var _facex = lengthdir_x(speed+_bullet_spd, image_angle) var _facey = lengthdir_y(speed+_bullet_spd...
  6. X

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Rotation angle limiting

    I'm having trouble adapting some code. I have a stationary turret that the player can pan back and forth by changing its image_angle with the arrow keys. I want to limit its rotation to a minimum and maximum angle from its original position. The tutorial I followed does exactly what I want...
  7. A

    GML Multiplayer System WITH GHOST BUGS

    Hey, i tryid to create a multiplayer system, while watching a video tutorial on youtube. On the end of 2nd part the youtuber tested and it goes without problems, i got a small bug that im trying to solve about 3 h ago... i install the youtuber version and he does not have the same bug that i...
  8. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM is there a difference between 'var i = 0;' and 'i = 0;'

    Hey I have a very simple basic question. Is there a difference between var i = 0; and i = 0;
  9. Z

    Drag And Drop A Drag & Drop question

    I'm watching the tutorial "Your first game (DnD)" vids on youtube and I'm up to Part 3. () Around the 4:00 mark, Sean drops the Assign Variable action into the workspace, names it HP and sets the value to 5, then he drags another Assign Variable action and attaches it under the first one. He...
  10. O

    Legacy GM What makes ds_lists, ds_maps, and ds_grids different from an array?

    Hello, For someone who has adhd, and can't read long texts (like the manual), what's the difference in perks between ds_lists, ds_maps, ds_grids, and arrays? When would you use one over the other? Thanks in advance <3