1. zendraw

    Discussion RQ: Terms/words to enchance dictionary

    Hi, i am currently seeking some sources like books or somthing where i can learn new words and terms that will enhance my dictionary so when i write i dont stop and wonder about what word to use, which happens alot at this point. as of now i am reeding Lovecraft stories and ive gathered like...
  2. Zack

    GMS 2 Real-time Spell Checking (250,000+ English Dictionary Words)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 (also compatible with GameMaker Studio 1.4) Target Platform: All Download: https://github.com/zbanack/TSE-dictionary Links: Blog post: https://www.zackbanack.com/blog/spellcheck-2018 Summary: A video lesson where I walk you through the steps of incorporating...
  3. Appsurd

    Legacy GM Loading and searching in a 100k word list

    Hi guys, Before I forget, I use GMS1.4. For a couple of days I'm struggling with the following situation. I want to create a game like Wordfeud or Ruzzle where players can select or enter certain letters and I want to check whether the word they used is a valid word. Therefore I found online a...