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  1. S

    Job Offer - Programmer [CLOSED]

    Hello, I want someone to create a set of assets in GMS:2 that functions like a dictionary. Please note: I do not have a list of words and their properties, and I'm hoping someone will be able to find an open source database of English words and translate them into something GMS can use. There...
  2. zendraw

    Discussion RQ: Terms/words to enchance dictionary

    Hi, i am currently seeking some sources like books or somthing where i can learn new words and terms that will enhance my dictionary so when i write i dont stop and wonder about what word to use, which happens alot at this point. as of now i am reeding Lovecraft stories and ive gathered like...
  3. Zack

    GMS 2 Real-time Spell Checking (250,000+ English Dictionary Words)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 (also compatible with GameMaker Studio 1.4) Target Platform: All Download: https://github.com/zbanack/TSE-dictionary Links: Blog post: https://www.zackbanack.com/blog/spellcheck-2018 Summary: A video lesson where I walk you through the steps of incorporating...
  4. Appsurd

    Legacy GM Loading and searching in a 100k word list

    Hi guys, Before I forget, I use GMS1.4. For a couple of days I'm struggling with the following situation. I want to create a game like Wordfeud or Ruzzle where players can select or enter certain letters and I want to check whether the word they used is a valid word. Therefore I found online a...