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  1. Z

    Creating Dialogue in a Cutscene

    I have been watching Friendly Cosmonaut video on creating a Dialogue System and building a Cutscene System, I attempted to to combine the two ideas together and it works (sort of). There a couple Technical Hiccups I tried to sort out but it seems out of my grasp. In the creation code where it...
  2. Z

    GMS 2 The pitfalls of NPC paths/cutscenes.

    So I'm at the point where I'm going to implement cutscenes and NPC's into my (top down 2d rpg) game. I've drawn all the sprites, have a good idea of who needs to do what,... So I'm starting this (quite new) challenge. I thought it would be a great idea to ask around a bit. I have a few systems...
  3. Reddoka

    How can I add the transition after the dialogue?

    I've known the script of the transition between rooms like the instruction: Slidetrans (TRANS_MODE.GOTO, target). So how can I add it right after the dialogue??? Help me pleaseeeee! Thanks ~ OwO
  4. F

    Dialogue System need Help

    Hey guys I'm new to Game Maker Studio and new to the language. I'm making a game and have been working on the dialogue system. This chunk of code was designed for characters respond to a set of choices, the dialogue starts by printing out the first element of the line_array, which it does, then...
  5. L

    Help with dialogue

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with my dialogue system. I want it to change the message when I talk to the object a second time. Here's the room start of the object (chest): switch(room){ case rm_game_3: myMsg[0] = "You found a health potion!" break; } Here's the step...
  6. E.M.I

    Windows [SOLVED] "unable to convert string to int64" error

    Hi! So for a while I've been making a dialogue system for my game. I left it in a pretty barebones but working state a month or so ago, and now I wanted to add some more sprites and visual polishes to it so I started to work on it again. However, whenever I try to print two different options for...
  7. Chupiperasaurio Studios

    GMS 2 Most elegant way to get a string array from a file?

    I am making a system that displays my game's conversations on a textbox and I think the only way to make it elegant and efficient is to stream all the needed text from a file every time a dialogue object is created so that each time a conversation happens I just have a not-so-long text array and...
  8. GonerBits

    GML [Textbox System] Help changing text color mid string / shake effects?

    (I'm a total beginner to this, and this is my first time posting to here, so sorry if the formatting / code is kind of messy... I don't know what i'm doing haha) I'm trying to make a text box system that allows for shaking text and changing text colors (preferably in a gradient) kind of like...
  9. T

    Dialogue System

    Well, I'm using this dialog system, but in the video it does not teach how to add a dialog to more than one character, does anyone know how I can do this?
  10. WindCat

    Asset - Scripts WokiaLog Engine (Powerful Dialogue Engine)

    This is POWERFUL Dialogue Engine! Command description is on Create Event in o_test. * Basic dialogue functions * Event functions(You can create objects, such as choices, inputs, and so on, and link them very easily.) * Logical branching function(Easily create branches) * A Lot of...
  11. P

    Legacy GM Question Programming- SOUND & TEXT

    Hello. Im trying to do some sort of undertale-like dialogue in which characters talk to the protagonist through textboxes. Thing is I have recorded the lines of the characters because I want their lines to be heard at the same time they are appearing on-screen... but i dont know how to insert...
  12. K

    Creating a dialogue system

    Hello! I'm very new to GameMaker (sorry for my bad code) and I've been struggling with creating a dialogue system in my game. This is my code. The counter part of it is from an online tutorial for making the text appear with a typewriter effect. CREATE: text="Here is some text to start."...
  13. Tommah

    Asset - Scripts Simple Cutscene Asset

    I released a series of scripts to the Marketplace that allows you to use popular cutscene effects very easily and is very customizable to your game. All you really need is 3 scripts to activate the cutscenes (Create Event, Step Event, Draw GUI Event). Then whatever you want the cutscene to do...
  14. Adrien carrou

    GMS 2 Saving Dialogue using INI

    Hi everyone, I am kind of new to game maker but took some courses and really enjoyed it, I took what I had created from those courses and decided to build off of it, so I implemented a dialogue system for my game but I want to learn more about how to create my own functions. My question is how...
  15. 2

    GML Player Object; Stealth Initiation, Disable during Interaction not working.

    Hello, I have been working on video game creation through Game Maker 2 (v2.2.1.375) and have been creating a basic landscape for game mechanics. The desire is a semi open world rpg; in this case I am focusing on movement, dialogue, and a stealth mechanic. I have it set that if the player...
  16. D

    Dialogue sound everytime a letter is typed

    Hello I am a beginner at gms2 and I was wondering if anyone would help me I am tryting to make some kind of platformer or something I am not sure yet But at the intro of the game there is a dialogue while I was able to make it work and can t get my head around how to put a sound every time a...
  17. PixelPluto

    Changing Text with DnD

    Hello there, I am new to GameMaker 2 and I'm working with Drag and Drop, and I have a problem with text in my game project. I would like to do the following: I click with the mouse (event "Left released") on my text object, and the text changes with every click, like this: click 1 = "Hello,"...
  18. S

    GMS 2 long Jap text not cut to new line

    Hi, I have problem with Japanese text. My English text work fine but Jp not cut to new line when it longer than length limit. Both texts use the same code. JP text use font_add to store .tff to global.variable when start game. I try to use this font to draw Eng, still no problem. Only draw...
  19. B

    GMS 2 (SOLVED)How do I keep the text stay in one paragraph?

    I've added an NPC interaction where the black cat to the talks the blue dog. The blue dog said: "What, red eyes? Can't you see I'm busy? Stop Staring at me! What? you saw my show when you were a kid?" I did exactly that, but the results became this. How do I keep the dialogue stay in one...
  20. darijs1

    Legacy GM (Solved) Simple way to draw a rectangle under my text

    Based on this code: ///Script object = argument0 str = argument1 draw_set_halign(fa_center); draw_text_transformed(argument0.x, argument0.y-argument0.sprite_height, str,0.5,0.5,0); how can i draw a rectangle under this text in a way that would keep the rectangle the same width and height as the...