1. Architheutis

    GMS2 (WIN) can´t connect with my MacBook (via GMS2s device detection)

    Hello everybody, I´m working on publishing my game app on App Store, too. But as the headline already says: Game Maker Studio 2 cannot detect my MacBookPro. Following conditions are given: - Gamemaker Studio 2 runs on my PC (WINDOWS 10 Pro) - MacBook Pro is running Catalina 10.15.6 - Both...
  2. zendraw

    license on 2 devies

    Hey, so i have a laptop, game maker is on my PC, can i use my gms2 license on both my laptop and pc?
  3. P

    Can't open device manager

    I enabled developer mode and device portal, and have visual studio v14 installed, but somehow I can't even open up device manager, please help!
  4. zendraw

    Legacy GM Cant find some device

    For some time now ive been getting this error in the compiler that i dont know what it means. i can run my projects but what is this? Unable to find output device "null" defaulting to "Speakers (VIA High Definition Audio) via DirectSound"
  5. W

    specific android device crash

    Hello, I've noticed very recently from my playstore reports that any Condor PGN611 Android device crashes when playing? or installing? my game, I have no info on when these crashes occur, but I do have the full error report listed below, does anyone know what this error report is stating? anyone...
  6. arfeigenbaum

    Identifying Chrome OS

    Hello, I'm working on an HTML5 game that I'd like to show on-screen buttons for mobile devices and hide them for desktops. This is working fine using os_type, except for on chromebooks which run chrome OS. On Chromebook, I'm seeing the on-screen buttons, I believe because it is counting it as...
  7. B

    Legacy GM Get device's screen resolution

    How could i get the device's screen resolution i'm running the game on and then set the game's resolution to the same resolution my pc use?So basically i want the game to run on the same resolution as my pc.(I used the word device because i would play my game on my phone)
  8. F

    Android Missing file: libyoyo.a - I can't compile on my android device

    Hi :) I've got a really frustrating issue. I wanted to use my Sony Xperia M5 (android) as a testing device, so according to yoyogames help website I downloaded the newest Android SDK, Android NDK 12b and JDK 8u102. I set up android prefereces and Global settings but unfortunately these two...
  9. A

    GML 2nd gamepad not working

    Hi all, everything was going good for my GML practice game until i tried getting the 2nd player to work using an xbox controller. for the key inputs im using (in the object's create event) gamepad_set_axis_deadzone(0, .3); (in a script that is being called for player 2; IS NOT WORKING) up =...
  10. MicroKiss

    Android /SOLVED/ Make game work on every device

    Hi all, I have an android game which works on my phone,but not on other devices ,how do I make the game to work on all devices ? Do I have to change the room sizes or what ? Thanks for your answer ! Edit : I have a Huawei p9 lite phone with resolution of 1080x1920 so I made my game in this...
  11. F

    Android Device/emulator not found complile error

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I got a new phone and was trying to compile one of my games to it but now gamemaker tells me there is a compile error that says device/emulator not found. I'm assuming this is because I don't have my Android USB drivers installed correctly on my PC. The...
  12. L

    Android Scaling

    Is there anyway to display the game at its native resolution without stretching on phone? ( game maker automatically stretches/scales your game to take up the screen ) Similarly to how Gui layers work? My games resolution is 288x512. my phone is 720x1280. this leaves a lot of emptiness that...