1. stinkysteve12

    Zero-Budget Dev needs advice!

    TLDR: I have no budget and need an artist and general team (art/music/sfx). Offering rev-share feels wrong to do. It also doesn't feel like I have a chance with publishers given I cannot work full-time and the game is full of placeholder art , making a potential pitch look horrible . The entire...
  2. zacharyandrews

    Portfolio - Art Artist/Multidisciplinary for hire.

    Hello Developers! Is your game project needing a visual edge? I'm an experienced 2D artist and animator with knowledge of GMS2, Git and the ability to learn new systems quickly or adapt to established pipelines. My skills are primarily visual art and animation, though I am experienced in...
  3. J

    Error : The selected Architecture options do not support this device. Please add Arm64

    So I just got the mobile module for game maker studio 2, and I was following the directions to get it all setup for android development. I installed the jdk, the correct sdk's (I hope) and such. I went on my phone and in the developer settings I enabled usb debugging. I added the device as the...
  4. Divinik

     Hell is for Heroes Alpha Engine Preview!

    Been developing an engine for a game I'm making called Hell is for Heroes. Check it out and tell me what you think! Some Pre-Game Lore: If anyone is interested in hopping on the project for...
  5. Kirbyrocket

    Polish or develop first?

    I've heard many people take different stances on the argument of whether or not they should polish the design of their game at an early stage of its development, but I'm curious what the general consensus is on this matter. I personally prefer to
  6. D

    can it run

    I was looking around and wondering can this run gms:2 Intel hd 4000 i5 3210M 2.5 Ghz 8gb ddr3 ram 128 gb ssd windows 10 professional
  7. C

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] XBox One development - short project

    Hi all, I'm looking to hire a developer that is familiar with the XboxOne environment on a short term basis. I've got a project that is nearly ready for certification but I need help finalizing it. The main task would be porting the save file system over to the console and creating some saves...
  8. Erayd

    GMS 2 I Seriously Appreciate Yoyo

    I want to say it because I don't know if it's said enough. I appreciate the game engine, the forums, the bug fixes, the support team, everything. I've been learning game design/programming for about 8 years now and game design isn't my job, it's my hobby. My job is hard to explain, but put...
  9. zacharyandrews

    Team Request Perth, Western Australia Programmer wanted.

    Hello all. Reaching out for any GML programmers based in Perth, WA who may be interested in joining in on a project. I've been working on a promising prototype of a 2D (sidescroll) action adventure where you can shift back and forth in Z space at will. (Imagion smashing all the levels of a...
  10. B

    GML Multiple Choice Question Coding

    Hello everyone! I'm working on my senior project for school which involves me coding and building an educational video game-- the issue that has arisen is that I'm unsure of how to implement a multiple choice question system into the game. How I'd like it to work is have the player collide with...
  11. R

    Help in app development for gaming

    hello all, Im student serving my last year in Development I need some expert help in app development I want to make a game for my FYP Project. can anyone help me?
  12. T

    Double - psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting

    Hello everyone! How you doing, guys? Our studio is developing the game called Double. Double is a psychedelic thriller game in the Cuban setting. Carlos Garcia is fighting for the freedom of his country. But suddenly wakes up in a psychiatric clinic. Doctors are worried about his mental health...
  13. S

    How to game teams work together on the same game?

    Hey so, there's a local game jam coming up and I'm pretty excited for it. However, I don't really know how me and one or two others are gonna work on a Gamemaker game at the same time? Like, I know someone could be doing art while another does programming, but what about programming at the same...
  14. Freefork

    Team Request [FREE]Help work on a fighting game.

    Hello everyone. You might have seen me before. Well, that is simply because I am new here. I was wondering if anyone wanted to assist development of a game I made called "Freefork Game". It has a playable demo at this link: Currently I am working on...
  15. LoadingDevelopment

    Distribution Road to trailer

    Hello everyone, I didn't knew which category to put it in so I've sticked with Distribution. I want to make a rogue-lite dungeon crawling game (The Binding of Isaac). I want to follow a certain development and distribution path and I need your advice and opinion on it. What I want to do is...
  16. H

    What program are you using to record a video of your game?

    Just looking for a safe one to download. Thank you so much!
  17. T

    GMC Forums Videogame Progress Gameplay Thread

    Post what you have so far in your game on a video and some author note with it. Here's one to start. Until Night Falls, the game I presented for the Jam and that I will keep working on:
  18. Kealor

     So im looking to make an ambitions game...

    so i wanna make a game that without going into to much detail is kinda like a metroidvania/hack&slash 2d platformer and i need some advice on ambition, developing a team, freelancing artists, delaying project, promotion and finance. Ill also go through what Ive done so far. Ambition So i want...
  19. H

    Screen Size for Android.

    Can i use code to size the screen? Which resolution to use for an upsidedown game on mobile? Thanks
  20. M

    Design Synth Sound Tutorials?

    I'm trying to create synth sound effects that are often used for UI and High Tech effects. Here's some effects from random games to take as examples (Warning! Some are loud!): I already have the needed software such as FL Studio and Audacity I can't find a...