1. blinky

    Development tips to impress a publisher

    hi, I'm currently developing a game and in need of funds. what is the best way to impress a publisher?
  2. Maker

    GML Can't destroy a sequence

    First of all, English is my second language, so please be patient and thanks for take your time to read and help me. My objective: when I press the object, this create a sequence in looping, but I dont want the sequence to be there forever, I must to delete this sequence to make the things...
  3. alevgor

     Chromatic Fantasy: puzzle game, demo available

    This is a game I've been developing for a while. It's a turn based puzzle in which you must lead cute multicolored dragons out of the dungeon maze. Interactions between the dragons and envinronment objects depend on their color. Here is gameplay trailer There is also promotional web page...
  4. AlexDerFerri

     Sudopic - a dynamic Sudoku puzzle game

    Link to play (no installation needed): Hello everyone! I’ve been working for about a month on a PC puzzle game: Sudopic. Sudopic is a Sudoku-like puzzle game with a dynamic gameplay, thanks to different items that will help or, in some cases, obstruct your...
  5. NeZvers

    Game dev checklist suggestion

    Even tho I've done platformer system from the ground several times I hit the wall again and again - what's next? So I just wrote a checklist to know what I need to do when I do it next time. Please share your ideas and maybe points I should include in my list.
  6. Edwin

    GML Help with shooting recoil problem please!

    I have a variable "can_shoot" that equals to true if I can shoot and to false if not. I also have a variable "shoot_delay" that equals to time (steps) of alarm that makes "can_shoot" variable equal true. So when I shoot I need to make my bullet object make a "recoil" with changing it's...
  7. FHD

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking 4 Experienced Programmer with 3D in GM1/2

    Hello everyone, As subject said, I am in need of an experienced programmer with 3D side of GM, to hire. I am interested to add some 3D features to my current project. There would be a lot of 2D billboarding and flying through them on the 3 (x,y,z) axis. Please send me a message if it sounds...
  8. U

    Question - IDE How does the gamemaker engine handle loading rooms?

    If I have a very large project with a lot of rooms, will that effect the RAM usage? How many rooms does gamemaker load at one time? Does it load all of them at the start of the game or does it load them in sets? This would be really great info to know, currently I'm debating wether or not to...
  9. R

    Need practice,need goals

    Hi team, I am.still trying to get the idea for my game but untel then I would like to practice practice practice. I know that in art sometimes they do something called mermay and they draw each day of may a different mermaid so...for gaming I am looking for something like this but obviosly not...
  10. C

    Idea Developing for Mega Drive with GM?

    Is it possible, somehow? Maybe with some workarounds?
  11. FlashyAlpaca

    Alpha Alaive: The Early Development Page

    Hello all and welcome to the official Dev page for Alaive, a 2D action/adventure RPG where your choices impact the result of the game. I posted a question on a different forum regarding the game and got several requests to start a dev page for updates and such, so here it is! Right now, we'll...
  12. Wahib Yousaf

    UWP Bug: The Check Native SDK feature in Preferences isn’t working for me.

    Can anybody help me out here? I’ve installed Visual Studio 2017 (both Community and Studio versions). I’ve Turned On Developer Mode on my pc. I’m running Windows 10. I’ve gone through the steps for “Developing on Windows Universal Platform” shown on the YoYoGames website. I’ve installed...
  13. M

    how can an object fly in physics?

    how can i make an object in physics world fly for a while and then come back to the ground? I looked up on this a lot but couldn't find anything useful
  14. D

    Free 30 Second Painter - Decorating rooms with a shotgun.

    Game Description: A top down 2D game with a race against the clock element. You play as a painter who has a nasty habit of sleeping on the job. Fortunately you always wake up in the knick of time to get the job done. Armed with your own personal arsenal of painting weaponry. you've never let a...
  15. T

    iOS xcodebuild: error: Scheme xxxx is not currently configured for the test action

    I followed everything in this tutorial: Still i'm getting this error... "xcodebuild: error: Scheme xxxx is not currently configured for the test action" "The schemes can be added/removed/shared/edited in...
  16. H

    What is the difference between GMS:2 - Desktop and - Mobile?

    I know you can export for application then, but are they any other differences like extra functionalities or codes on Mobile?
  17. M

    Major Inventory Issues

    I wanted to create an inventory system for my game so i followed Shaun Spalding tutorial because it seemed it would work well, which it did: . But an issue iv'e been having is how my game system works is, theres a player and there are potion objects and i also have 3 scripts (as there are in...