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  1. T

    Steam Night of the Blood Moon - 71% Funded, Steam Page Up, New Trailers

    Heyo GameMakers Here for you is my first outing of Night of the Blood moon. The game that I hope to share with the world in due time. Hopefully you will all enjoy these demonstrations as much as I have making the game. NIGHT OF THE BLOOD MOON KICKSTARTER
  2. EvanSki

    Beta Zero Chronicle

    I want to bring back the Idea that games are meant to be enjoyed and are for fun. No lootboxes, No DLC thats actually the rest of the game, No pay to win just a fun waste you time enjoyment experience. I appreciate any feedback and Ideas. Development Road Map Yes About the game Zero...
  3. WarpDogsVG

    Windows [Update v0.72.5b] Village Monsters - A Monstrous Life Sim Game

    Quick Info Release: Fall 2019 for PC / Mac / Linux. TBD for Nintendo Switch Genre: Life Sim in the style of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley Steam: Twitter: Website:
  4. gamedev4life

    Design My first game development youtube video

    Hi all, just wanted to share in the section my video that discusses some of the deisgn features of my game that im working on right now. All feedback is welcome!