1. A

    Child Instance Destroy When Parent Instance Destroyed?

    I'm working on a new project idea with a limited number of instances off an object at any given time (3). Each of those have 1 separate object instance that they create. All these pairs are the same. So there's 3 pairs of object instances "allowed" No more than 3 pairs can be existing. Some...
  2. A

    Destroying Particle Emitters created by a Script?

    Hi guys, I've been decorating my levels with weather made by particles.. snow rain etc.. I have a script "Weather" that gets executed in an object's create event, at the beginning of the room creation. in the script "Weather" that's called... is a switch / case flow with particle creations in...
  3. TheOnlyWRT

    Instance_destroy not working

    Hey, so i am trying to get my enemy sprite to be destroyed after the death animation ends, but for some reason it just turns into another sprite and keeps on shooting..... here is the code i am using switch (sprite_index){ case (spritePlayerDead): var shouldDrop =...
  4. E

    Legacy GM Script is destroying additional objects

    I have this sort of "piano tiles" mechanic where objects are randomly generated in 4 possible positions and drop as you tap and detroy the lowest object. However, when a series of objects are generated in the same line, one after the other, whe destroying the bottom-most object, it also destroys...
  5. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Particle System Setup

    I have a Particle system that I'm running from a script. The script is being called within an object. From there all of the instances of that object emit the particles that I want. I have some code that destroys an instance of that object if it goes off screen. How do I go about destroying...
  6. 6

    Destroy every instances expect one

    Hello All! I'm making a shootemup and i'm quite a begginer in programming. So i've made a powerup system and now i'm making the last one the bomb. I think i'm going quite fine with it but i don't know how to kill every enemies without destroying them one by one. So i'm using collosion circle and...
  7. E

    How Would I Make This Text Box dissapear FIXED

    How would I destroy a textbox made in this video? Hope you can help, Thanks!
  8. S

    Infinite instances?!?

    I have an optimization issue: I'm making a game that builds bricks across a line, and when the line is full it destroys them. But when testing the game, I get 10 or so lines in and the game slows massively. In debug it shows that tons of instances of the brick object are still in the game, even...
  9. Wuzzems

    Script Particles

    If I have a script with a particle system in it and I've called the burst within an object's step event and there are multiple instances of this object and these instances only get destroyed when they go off of the screen or when space is pressed during a collision, do I need to destroy the...
  10. R

    Destroy an object by clicking on it, help please

    Hello i want to destroy an object by clicking on it so i have create a object call : obj_tap and create a step event and here my code : if mouse_check_button_released(mb_left) && mouse_x == obj_tap.x && mouse_y == obj_tap.y { instance_destroy(); } When i click on the object it do nothing :/
  11. E

    [SOLVED] instance_change - which event do I use it in?

    Hi, I'm trying to spawn a new object when another is destroyed. I'm trying to use instance_change but I've tried everything. I've tried using it in each event that I have created...but no luck yet. I have a destroy event that destroys two objects. One I want to keep destroyed but I want the...
  12. M

    A "Key" Code

    Hi GameMakers! It's me again and I need your help again! This time i was doing a key like in dungeon crawlers to train my creativyty in programming (yes, that was my self-made project) And i got an error that says: "Wrong number of arguments in a function or script" in...
  13. O

    Legacy GM For loop in the Destroy event [SOLVED]

    The issue was being caused by a part of the code that protected the player from new asteroids being spawned on top of them. There were a few fixes, including disabling that feature (not desirable!), disabling destruction of asteroids while invincible, or stopping the child asteroids from...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] Best way to save and load detroyed instances?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums, so hello everyone! I'm developing a game where the hero is able to dig at some places. The question is quite simple: For example, when the player digs away some blogs in a room, saves the game, and enters the same room again in a new play session. What is the...
  15. W

    Legacy GM How to destroy particles

    Hello Gm community, Particles are a great way to add visual effects to ones game. For example, smoke, fire and even waterspill or bloodsplatter. Now the problem is that particles are not stopped by solid things because you cannot give them collide-events like objects. In my game I want to add...
  16. T

    Memory leak (ds_grid, ds_list)

    // Create chunk grid global.chunk_grid = ds_grid_create(global.grid_width, global.grid_height); ds_grid_clear(global.chunk_grid, noone); // Create loader grid global.loader_list = ds_list_create(); ds_list_clear(global.loader_list); // Destroy ds_grid and ds_list...
  17. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM Which is faster? (Re)create/destroy or Create/(re)deactivate

    Hi all, Regardless of various forseeable consequences, which is faster/most optimal? Create -> Destroy -> Recreate or Create -> Deactivate -> Reactivate