destroy adjacent object

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    Drag And Drop Destroying an Instance when Collision Stops Happening

    Hello, I'm very new to GameMaker DnD and programming in general. I'm creating an object that spawns an instance of a different object above it, but I would like the instance it creates to destroy itself once the player walks away. How would I go about this? I can only get the instance to create...
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    GMS 2 How would I go about making a tile destroy on collision?

    I'm working on a small project with GMS2, I am new to tileset collision and I want to destroy a tile that my player collides with. here is my first script. //first script var tile_map_id = argument[0]; var found = false; var vector2_x = 0; var vector2_y = 1; for (var i = 1; i<argument_count...
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    Delete Multiple instances that are touching each other

    Hello everyone! How are you today? I am making a puzzle game that when you touch/click a colored block it will be destroyed, and all blocks of that same color would be destroyed that are touching the original block that was touch/clicked. I am trying to figure out the best way to destroy the...
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    How to Destroy a especific instance after changing another one adjacent

    I'm making a top-view city-builder game. Every place in the grid is 32x32. I want to have small buildings (32x32) and bigger buildings (64x32). In order to buildings can appear first you have to place an 32x32 area: green = residential, blue = commerce, etc. Like in SimCity! In order to have...