1. C

     Which version should I buy for these platforms?

    Hi! I intend to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 to officially learn game development but I am having a hard time decided which one to get? There are 4 options in "developer" Desktop, Web, UMP and Mobile. I know that UMP and Mobile are not my main interest but I am not sure if I should get Desktop...
  2. Genesys Generation

    How to develop a GameMaker game for both desktop and mobile

    For a few months I have been creating a game using GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop. It turns out that I would like to launch it also for cell phones, and for that I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. That's when my doubt arises. In GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile, you have the option to open the projects...
  3. rogonow

    Windows Cool text in a box [SOLVED]

    I have problems to limit my text width with my transformed code. I have a code to convert html text style to GMS2, for the tags: <I><B><U><BR> it starts with 1 user text string in object o_cooltext. Example of my code result: It converts it to an array, with as text style for example: <B>this...
  4. P

    SOLVED How to Port the Game on MacOS from Windows PC and is it possible?

    Actually it's all said in the post name, but to detalize, when I set the target Mac OS as target platform and try making an executable the log tells me this: "Configuration Problem : No Mac device found. Check your target settings." So what do I have to do to port the game on Mac OS? I would...
  5. E

    Steam Gamemaker studio 2 Steam

    Hello, im new in gamemaker studio, and i have Gamemaker studio 2 Desktop Steam, i can make a game for android and publish? Or i need gamemaker studio2 Mobile steam?
  6. GGJuanPabon

    UWP or DESKTOP licences? or....

    Sorry my English, it's not my native language. Hello friends, I wanted to ask ... I still don't have a license and I will buy my first license. My goal is, for now, to publish .exe for windows in:, Steam, Epic, direct or with some publisher. I also want to take my games to Xbox, for...
  7. C

    Buy export modules

    I want to buy GMS2 Android export module, but I'm curious about what to buy. Because when I debug a mobile game, I usually use desktop module as well. Does that mean, that I have to buy both desktop and Android modules? The thing is I'm not going to EXPORT the desktop version, I'll just use it...
  8. I

    Windows Do I need to get GMS2 Desktop License to TEST on desktop (if I have GMS2 Mobile already)?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to buy GMS2 Mobile to make android games However, I often like to TEST some things on my PC first without having to get my phone out (usually really basic things, eg. menus, buttons, etc) Ie. In GMS1.4 I set the target module to "Windows" and press the green arrow...
  9. E

    Windows Trial Version active altough I bought GM:2

    I own the steam version of GameMaker 2 Desktop. Since about 1 week ago GameMaker tells me that the Trial Version is active and I need to upgrade. However on the website it says that I bought the full version, I can also access all the features and the marketplace. Should I be worried?
  10. S

    Upgrade from GMS 2 Desktop to Web

    I will go straight to the point... I had GameMaker Studio 1.4 back with one of the Humble Bundles, and I had gotten the Web module with it. A while after GMS 2 came out, I managed to get myself a copy of the Desktop edition on Steam, but unlike the GMS1.4 modules, it looks like I would have to...
  11. ZAK!

    Portfolio - Programming GML programmer looking for work (GMS2)

    Hello, I am new and I am looking for some work as a programmer if at all possible to earn some pocket money. Not too much on the details as to why but it's very complicated. I have made 2 games on of my own to show off what I can do. (I'll link them in this post.)...
  12. D

    Question - IDE Game maker studios 2 desktop subscription on laptop

    This may be a dumb question but does the game maker studio 2 desktop licencse work on windows laptops
  13. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension Desktop Screenshots - capture any portion of the display!

    Quick links: documentation · GM Marketplace · itch page (has the demos!) This extension allows for a variety of things regarding taking screenshots of desktop - you can get a screenshot of entire desktop, or capture a part of it, or even get a screenshot of all displays on multi-monitor setups...
  14. V

    Windows Gamemaker Studio 2 and Steam questions + Studio 1.4

    Would Getting GM Studio 2 give me a license key for 1.4 so I can still use it for steamworks? Also does GM Studio Desktop is that the one with Steamworks integration? I still use 1.4 and I am to far in my project to make the switch. If it isn't what should I roll with? Isn't true getting certain...
  15. M

    Question - IDE Advice Needed - License Type?

    Hi all, Advice needed. I recently started building games with GM2 using the trial version. I am now ready to make the purchase. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to export to any platform, however this is obviously cost prohibitive. As a result, I need some guidance on the "right"...
  16. J

    GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and Creator

    Hi, My friend and I are working on a game. I currently have GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and he has no version whatsoever. If he were to buy GameMaker Studio 2 Creator for a year, could he work on the game with me, and when we're done, I can build it on my version, and it won't have any...
  17. N

    Transferring Project from Desktop to Web Version

    If I purchase the Desktop version of Game Maker Studio 2 now, and later decide to purchase the Web version, will my projects automatically transfer over? If not, how do I transfer them? Thanks much.
  18. Bayesian

    GMS Desktop Wallpapers

    Unity and especially Unreal Engine have beautiful wallpapers but GMS has none, so I thought I'd try my hand at making some of my own! I'll be posting as many as I can as I come up with ideas. Enjoy!
  19. B

    Portfolio - Programming GML Programmer with 4+ years experience

    Hello! My name is Dave, a.k.a Blue Yeti Studios, and I am 17 years old. I have been using Game Maker Studio for around about 4 years now, and have made many games in that time. Some of these games have been lost some years ago however, but the ones I have made from 2015 onward can be found on...
  20. D

    HTML5 Download for Desktop or Web?

    Hello, Is it best to install game maker for desktop or web? What are the pros and cons please? Also my brother wants to use it for a game design competition - which version would be able to be submitted or would both work. Thank You :)