1. KironDevCoder

    SOLVED Does GMS 2.3.7 Desktop and UWP exports require specific VS2019 Workloads or Individual components?

    Due to a not GMS2 related issue I am doing a fresh reinstall of VS2019. But which Workloads and which Individual components are required by the Desktop (only Windows 10) and UWP exports? EDIT: Also, happy New Year everyone ^^
  2. C

     Which version should I buy for these platforms?

    Hi! I intend to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 to officially learn game development but I am having a hard time decided which one to get? There are 4 options in "developer" Desktop, Web, UMP and Mobile. I know that UMP and Mobile are not my main interest but I am not sure if I should get Desktop...
  3. Genesys Generation

    How to develop a GameMaker game for both desktop and mobile

    For a few months I have been creating a game using GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop. It turns out that I would like to launch it also for cell phones, and for that I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. That's when my doubt arises. In GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile, you have the option to open the projects...
  4. rogonow

    Windows Cool text in a box [SOLVED]

    I have problems to limit my text width with my transformed code. I have a code to convert html text style to GMS2, for the tags: <I><B><U><BR> it starts with 1 user text string in object o_cooltext. Example of my code result: It converts it to an array, with as text style for example: <B>this...
  5. P

    SOLVED How to Port the Game on MacOS from Windows PC and is it possible?

    Actually it's all said in the post name, but to detalize, when I set the target Mac OS as target platform and try making an executable the log tells me this: "Configuration Problem : No Mac device found. Check your target settings." So what do I have to do to port the game on Mac OS? I would...
  6. E

    Steam Gamemaker studio 2 Steam

    Hello, im new in gamemaker studio, and i have Gamemaker studio 2 Desktop Steam, i can make a game for android and publish? Or i need gamemaker studio2 Mobile steam?
  7. GGJuanPabon

    UWP or DESKTOP licences? or....

    Sorry my English, it's not my native language. Hello friends, I wanted to ask ... I still don't have a license and I will buy my first license. My goal is, for now, to publish .exe for windows in:, Steam, Epic, direct or with some publisher. I also want to take my games to Xbox, for...
  8. C

    Buy export modules

    I want to buy GMS2 Android export module, but I'm curious about what to buy. Because when I debug a mobile game, I usually use desktop module as well. Does that mean, that I have to buy both desktop and Android modules? The thing is I'm not going to EXPORT the desktop version, I'll just use it...
  9. I

    Windows Do I need to get GMS2 Desktop License to TEST on desktop (if I have GMS2 Mobile already)?

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to buy GMS2 Mobile to make android games However, I often like to TEST some things on my PC first without having to get my phone out (usually really basic things, eg. menus, buttons, etc) Ie. In GMS1.4 I set the target module to "Windows" and press the green arrow...
  10. E

    Windows Trial Version active altough I bought GM:2

    I own the steam version of GameMaker 2 Desktop. Since about 1 week ago GameMaker tells me that the Trial Version is active and I need to upgrade. However on the website it says that I bought the full version, I can also access all the features and the marketplace. Should I be worried?
  11. S

    Upgrade from GMS 2 Desktop to Web

    I will go straight to the point... I had GameMaker Studio 1.4 back with one of the Humble Bundles, and I had gotten the Web module with it. A while after GMS 2 came out, I managed to get myself a copy of the Desktop edition on Steam, but unlike the GMS1.4 modules, it looks like I would have to...
  12. ZAK!

    Portfolio - Programming GML programmer looking for work (GMS2)

    Hello, I am new and I am looking for some work as a programmer if at all possible to earn some pocket money. Not too much on the details as to why but it's very complicated. I have made 2 games on of my own to show off what I can do. (I'll link them in this post.)...
  13. D

    Question - IDE Game maker studios 2 desktop subscription on laptop

    This may be a dumb question but does the game maker studio 2 desktop licencse work on windows laptops
  14. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension Desktop Screenshots - capture any portion of the display!

    Quick links: documentation · GM Marketplace · itch page (has the demos!) This extension allows for a variety of things regarding taking screenshots of desktop - you can get a screenshot of entire desktop, or capture a part of it, or even get a screenshot of all displays on multi-monitor setups...
  15. V

    Windows Gamemaker Studio 2 and Steam questions + Studio 1.4

    Would Getting GM Studio 2 give me a license key for 1.4 so I can still use it for steamworks? Also does GM Studio Desktop is that the one with Steamworks integration? I still use 1.4 and I am to far in my project to make the switch. If it isn't what should I roll with? Isn't true getting certain...
  16. M

    Question - IDE Advice Needed - License Type?

    Hi all, Advice needed. I recently started building games with GM2 using the trial version. I am now ready to make the purchase. In a perfect world, I would love to be able to export to any platform, however this is obviously cost prohibitive. As a result, I need some guidance on the "right"...
  17. J

    GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and Creator

    Hi, My friend and I are working on a game. I currently have GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop and he has no version whatsoever. If he were to buy GameMaker Studio 2 Creator for a year, could he work on the game with me, and when we're done, I can build it on my version, and it won't have any...
  18. N

    Transferring Project from Desktop to Web Version

    If I purchase the Desktop version of Game Maker Studio 2 now, and later decide to purchase the Web version, will my projects automatically transfer over? If not, how do I transfer them? Thanks much.
  19. Bayesian

    GMS Desktop Wallpapers

    Unity and especially Unreal Engine have beautiful wallpapers but GMS has none, so I thought I'd try my hand at making some of my own! I'll be posting as many as I can as I come up with ideas. Enjoy!
  20. B

    Portfolio - Programming GML Programmer with 4+ years experience

    Hello! My name is Dave, a.k.a Blue Yeti Studios, and I am 17 years old. I have been using Game Maker Studio for around about 4 years now, and have made many games in that time. Some of these games have been lost some years ago however, but the ones I have made from 2015 onward can be found on...