1. M

    Portfolio - General [Paid] Programmer / 2D Artist / Game Designer

    We are a small Indie-Developer Team with a Graphic-Artist and a Programmer, with more then 9 Years experiences. We are working for individuals or companys. Contact us: Using Tools / Programming-Experiences : + Construct 3 (Extension/Plugin Development) + Unity...
  2. FlashyAlpaca

    Design Map Design: Tiles or Pre-Drawn

    General question for the masses or any experienced game creator: does it make a difference using a plain .jpeg drawing as a map as opposed to making a tile set for drawing that same map? Here's some context: I am making a game that is inspired by Hyper Light Drifter's art style. As an artist...
  3. Jochum

    Opinion on Pixelart Envoirement

    Hi everyone! Last 2 days I've been working on a new game design of a wave game. I'm wondering what you guys think about the current state of the design and if you have any tips or / and suggestions. This is a link to the picture: Or here is the uploaded version...
  4. Jochum

    Any tips for my artstyle? (First Game)

    Hi everyone, In a couple of weeks I'm planning to launch a game for the first time. What do you guys think of the artstyle and if possible, could you give some critisism? Thanks in advance! Here's a screenshot from the game: Here's a screenshot from the main menu:
  5. jb skaggs

    Graphics What are guidelines to making GUI?

    I read as many articles as I can on making GUI, and I understand even big companies like FB fail sometimes. I also understand when possible reuse. But I also know that BAD GUI will kill a game, ruin a mood, etc. Here is my question: Is there a resource that discusses how gui affects the...
  6. M

    Portfolio - Art Artist - Robots, Environments, Vehicles

    Please delete this thread . Thank you ! :)
  7. V

    Portfolio - Audio Audio Designer looking for Work, big or small.

    Hi! My name is Gunnar Stephens, project overseer at New Lands Audio Design and Production. We have been servicing various local individuals, groups, and communities for almost two years now in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas, USA. Currently we are looking to expand our horizon farther than...
  8. LucasTheNewbie

    Team Request Team for Topdown Game

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on a Topdown game in the typical RPG-view. The graphics are based around pixelish and squarish images. The entire graphics will get a complete overhaul later! About the game: What I need: Screenshots: (huge spoiler warning) So this is basically what I...
  9. Erayd

    Design When/where/how to draw your game?

    I want to start a discussion about drawing in game. I want to hear everyone's opinions on this. Where do you draw all of your objects? Do you use surfaces for everything? If you use surfaces, what would you say are the reasons why surfaces are better than simply using each draw event? Do...
  10. H

    Changing Colors in your Game

    Hey there, i am wondering how i can add color to my game, for example making it only black and white, or negativ. Also i want to change the color by every time an enemy gets destroyed. Does someone has experience with this? Thanks
  11. Luke Pierson

    Design: Souls-like death mechanics

    Hey fellow devs! So do you think having a dark souls styled death mechanic could work without losing your currency permanently upon dying a second time without regaining it? I'm trying to figure out if this could work because in the souls-like game I'm making, I'm hoping to reduce grinding and...
  12. Jochum

    Opinion on Pixelart Lab

    Hi everyone, What do you guys think of this laboratory I've created. It would be great to get some extra tips / criticism. Thanks in advance!
  13. LoadingDevelopment

    Distribution Road to trailer

    Hello everyone, I didn't knew which category to put it in so I've sticked with Distribution. I want to make a rogue-lite dungeon crawling game (The Binding of Isaac). I want to follow a certain development and distribution path and I need your advice and opinion on it. What I want to do is...
  14. S

    Graphic Design possibilities in GM

    Hello GMC, After many years of deliberating I have finaly decided to go trhough with my idea of creating a game. Probably a story that is heard more frequently on these forums. For various reasons GM has become my choice of development software. But I do have a question in regards to...
  15. S

    Design Pros and cons to a high base resolution?

    Afternoon all, I am having a few image ghosting issues and I wonder if moving to a higher base resolution might improve this. Are there any advantages, disadvantages or things to bear in mind when changing or using a higher base resolution? -Snayff
  16. S

    Design Putting enemies in their place; a question about how

    Afternoon all, I am currently working on adding enemy patrols to my game. If you want to keep them on the naughty step, specifically the platform on which they currently reside, how would you approach that? I tried telling them to move in a direction until they find the floor no longer beneath...
  17. L

    Design Tile based gameplay

    I'm a total amateur and for my first large project I've been working on a tactics style turn based strategy game. I'm kind of at a loss on how to handle tiles, I prototyped drawing rays from the character to change the instance of tile objects to movable tiles for movement, but I don't think...
  18. P

    Graphics Need a second opinion on the art style im working on!

    Hey guys, i'm working on a open world platformer. Since i'm in a one person team, and I want to focus on a big open world without tilesets, I wanted to make something that's do-able. I settled on this minimalistic design, what do you guys think? Thanks!
  19. T

    Is a Green Screen effect possible?

    I was wondering if it was possible to implement a green screen effect on the transparent parts of a sprite. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) EDIT: To clear up some confusion, I forgot to mention that I want the transparent parts to show a different background then the one directly...
  20. T

    Design How to implement an unmoving plaid effect?

    A part of the art direction I really want to go for is an unmoving plaid effect, such as the one in the gif below. My issue here is that I'm fairly new to GMS2 and I only have an idea of how to go about doing this but I'm not entirely sure how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)