1. samspade

    Buttons, Design, and GameMaker Studio 2.3

    GM Version: GMS 2.2.5 (2.3 Coming) Target Platform: All Download: Github 2.2.5 (2.3 Coming) Links: YouTube Playlist Summary: A GML tutorial series focused on building some buttons and intractable objects and using the same to talk about design and GameMaker Studio 2.3. A link to the playlist is...
  2. FoxyOfJungle

    My new brand (Kazan Games Limited)

    > OLD LOGO (look at the last post) < My new brand for my company, Kazan Games Limited, formerly it was called Cube 3D Entertainment, was created in 2014, when the GM sandbox still existed, but now it is completely changing. (The logo is full vectorized). Curiosity: Kazan is a volcano in...
  3. GGJuanPabon

    Graphics Why? My pixel doesn't look like it is.

    My design borders have 3 rounding pixels, but when I click Gamemaker, you only see 2 rounding pixels. My graphic settings. The aspect ratio I tried: 1: 1 9:16 16: 9 Grid: 64 Thanks in advance 3 pixel rounding 2 pixel rounding
  4. Azenris

    GMS 2 Inactive instances to continue access or global lists

    Hi just wanted to see your opinion on how you could go about designing this. Basically, I have machines that can be placed on the floor. My current system is they all have their variables and what not, but they also have global list data. When the room ends, the data syncs up to the list. When...
  5. Cloaked Games

    Design Design Survey - Zelda Style Games

    Hello, GameMaker community! I am currently working on the design for my new game. This is another Zelda-like game, just like my previous title. (Read more here). As I am researching and considering some key elements of this game, I wanted to get some input from other developers on the primary...
  6. rogonow

    Complex slot machine

    I'm working on a slot machine of 3x5. But I like to extend it with colored images in each cell, and a boarder in each cell. They can also form winning combo's. I also want to add multiple bonus games. I also like to hold certain cells before spinning again. What do you think of such a game...
  7. DarthTenebris

    GML Inventory System Design

    Hello everybody, I'm working on an inventory system for my game, and would like some ideas. I currently have an inventory for the player which is a ds_map, with 22 slots each also a ds_map. I plan on having several items, and am wondering what is the best way to approach it. The items are to be...
  8. DarthTenebris

    Design Art Style Feedback

    Hello everybody, The time has come where I can enjoy making games again. For now at least. Anyway, I'm looking to recreate the Undertale "feel" in my game (Undertale turned out to be very deep, I only watched a speedrun before starting my project). How did I do, and what can I do to improve...
  9. J

    Design Unsure how to create a "Circular" background, if possible

    This might be tough to explain, but here it goes! I have a 2D game I'm working on, and I want to have rooms that let the character pan across the room, just simple use of the cameras. However, I'm designing the backgrounds in Blender as 3D models, and rendering them as an image which is then...
  10. tagwolf

    How to plan and manage code for larger projects

    Game Development Code Planning GM Version: ANY (and not just for GameMaker, however this will be GMS2 "centric") Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will go over code and object planning for game (and application) project development to minimize re-coding and...
  11. V

    Is this Game Design possible with GameMaker?

    Hello, I´m new here and I am looking for a possibility to develop an easy hands on prototype for my game idea. It´s a football manager and as I have no experience in coding I thought visual scripting would be nice. The thing is, a football manager consist basically of interaction with UI...
  12. Kirbyrocket

    Polish or develop first?

    I've heard many people take different stances on the argument of whether or not they should polish the design of their game at an early stage of its development, but I'm curious what the general consensus is on this matter. I personally prefer to
  13. William Garrison

    Design Pixel Vignette Shader?

    Okay so I have been following this game for a while now "Into the Dim". Really neat design so kudos first of all to its developer. But what I want to figure out is how could I achieve something like this in GMS2? What I want to do is have a vignette sort of follow the player or camera and slowly...
  14. Finn Curran

    Portfolio - General Sound Design | Music Composition | Audio

    Hey guys, looking some projects to build my portfolio, happy to work for potential royalties rather than up front payment. I am able to produce both orchestral and acoustic work as well as sound design, Fx and abstract electronic work. Happy to give anything a go! I'll also do my best to promote...
  15. Lumenflower

    Design How do you plan your game's development?

    I've often fallen into the trap myself of plunging straight into the heart of a game's development without properly planning ahead. This leads to a rapidly escalating level of complexity which leaves the project difficult to continue developing. I was always taught at school to plan my essays...
  16. Edwin

    Design Intro, Backstory Design?

    Hello, I'm making a game and I just want to make a simple backstory but don't know how it should look like. Can you please offer me some tips and design ideas? My current design look like this right now: Maybe I could upgrade it somehow. Feel free to ask and offer something :)
  17. P

    GMS 2 Which window "style" would be best for this sort of game?

    This is less of a programming question and more of a design question, although it's still something pretty deeply entrenched in the code: the game window. I've been designing the camera system for my game, but to do that, I need to figure out exactly how I want to work the windows in my game...
  18. Evan Kinsler

    Design Making a Room out of an PNG image.

    I need some help on how to make a room out of a PNG Image. What I want to do is import a PNG Image onto GameMaker Studio 2 and make it into a fully functional room where you can add sprites, objects, instances, animations, events etc. Is there a way you can drag and drop a PNG image into...
  19. Erayd

    Design "Drop/Sort Box" Feature Name

    Hello all, I'm having a hard time coming up with a name that best describes the below feature. In order to explain it best to the player. Or if not name, then some graphical way of indicating what this thing can do. Essentially, I'm creating an inventory grid system, say 3 x 3 squares. Items...
  20. Filkata

    Idea Vikings in space, mythology based resource managing game (sort of)

    Setting: The game idea I have is about vikings stranded on a magical ship. The setting is a large field of planets and the ship can travel from the planet it is on to another that is within range. The planets are loosely based on the Nine worlds of Nordic mythology, e.g. there are lava planets...